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Roderick Silva
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Nothing surprises me anymore. How convenient that Jeanette Nunez can use taxpayer money to send multiple office mailers to residents outside of her current district and then when she gets called out on it she simply blame it on her mailing vendor. No fines? No penalties? She should have to replace those funds with her campaign funds. She is collecting funds from some large organizations. I am very wary of her practices. They remind me too much of the current “pay to play” Tallahassee culture that rewards the elite special interests at our expense. Nunez has raised $250K. Now she owes favors. She is sneaky with her tax-payer budget and she is raising money from large organizations. Sounds like she knows how to play the current political games that they play in Tallahassee. Do you think she will seriously represent our best interest or the interest of her campaign donors? On the other hand, Libby Perez is knocking on doors, speaking to her neighbors, and most importantly owes nobody any favors. "This year our Florida Legislature approved more than $170 million in special project that escaped a transparent level of review and debate. It’s time to say “NO” to secret backroom deals and restore the public’s trust." - Libby Perez ( Nunez will just continue doing the same old thing they have always been doing. I'd love to see Libby Perez go up there and take a stand for the real citizens here in Kendall. Libby Perez has my vote!
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Jul 18, 2012