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Roger Broome
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Why didn't Krier have an editor review his piece before it was published? Even though I find his approach to architecture banal and mindless, I generally agree with his critique of the site, size and budget for the Eisenhower memorial. And I also I have specific problems with Gehry's structure, as well as his general approach to architecture. But Krier's writing is so poorly constructed that his arguments are virtually incomprehensible. His diatribe is pure vitriol and the anger fueling it has obscured any ability to construct a cohesive thought. It seems like Krier feels like using a classical architectural vocabulary automatically generates fine architecture. Look no further than down the mall at Friedrich St. Florian's embarrassing WWII memorial to dispel that notion. It feels more appropriate for a gathering of neo-Nazis than to honor Americans who fought fascism. If Krier had a true understanding and love of classical architecture he wouldn't advocate a blind adherence to the most superficial aspects of it.
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Feb 16, 2012