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Well, we have finally reached that day we all predicted would come eventually. The day when someone actually wrote an article comparing two cameras, and all they used was data from DxO. Looking at that data, one can only conclude that the actual hands-on comparisons of the two cameras in the real world that have been done around the web - with real photographers taking real photographs and then looking at the results on screen, and in some cases in print - must be incorrect, because they don't verify the DxO results. Obviously, those real photographers don't understand what they are doing or what they are seeing. Unlike, of course, everyone who who looks at the graphic results of DxO's proprietary algorithms and methods with which they measure.... what is it they actually measure specifically again? And what the real world results show is that, contrary to expectations based on pixel count, DxO rankings, or astrological signs, the IQ of the two cameras is very very close. And that, in the opinions of many reviewers, it would be other factors of these camera's operation that might be more important distinctions for photographers. Obviously, Canon needs to improve the performance of their sensors. If only to score higher on the DxO tests.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2012 on DxO's Methods Explained at The Online Photographer
Jeez. I guess we should just stay off of your lawn. ;D
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Sep 15, 2011