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Yes, in fact you need both. Context is very important and that's where I think Myers-Briggs falls short. Too much like trying to fit you into a box than letting the situation dictate the best response.
I think more organizations should acknowledge the reality of the Peter Principle and not assume that success is guaranteed each time you advance. Doing something because everyone else is doing it is most certainly not the right thing to do.
Definately an interesting topic. As a polymath, it's hard to sum up who I am in a short headline. It's definately more important to enjoy yourself than to figure out how to discribe it. I think you're doing it right Cheri.
Enjoy Ireland and hope you come back smoking!
In my facilitator training with Peg Drummond of, she had everyone stand up and dance to music. It was awesome!
Thanks Cheri! I'm more of a Work Leader, but I try to get better at Self-Managing everyday. Either way, I love your insights on this blog. Kudos also being scientific about your Twitter commitment: Hyposis - Experiment - Analyze Results. In the end, you followed the evidence to make the best choice for you. That's enlightened.
If you want more interaction on Twitter, you should definately add your Twitter handle to your post. :-) Make it easy for readers to follow and connect with you!
Love the imagery of an intoxicated octupus!
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Apr 12, 2011