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Ronald Delavega
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Quilombo, Flynn is a WCO QB Jacksonville does not run the WCO 32 GMs dont need a QB. We will see how good Flynn is only if Philbin does not want him. Certainly Seattle's GM wants him. The Fins are waiting for the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM i.e. Manning, but by tomorrow (if Flynn does not sign with Seattle first) You should see the Fins ask Flynn in for a chat if they don't then he is not good in the eyes of Philbin which are the only iones that count
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That is absolutely right Henne is to slow for the West Coast ( The East the South and the North as well) He is slow of foot and MIND and slow throwing the ball. Comparing his success on the College level to the NFL is beyond silly, the NFL is a much, much, much more faster game.
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Jan 20, 2012