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Popehat is some fine company as well.
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A good case can be made that everyone has some degree of wheat/grain intolerance. They (and grain like things like quinola) cause leaky gut, which has a strong association with a bunch of auto immune issues. We do not seem well adapted to neolithic foods (grains, legumes, seed oils, and to a lesser extent dairy and nightshades). is a good place to start.
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I second the Kinesis Advantage mentioned above, I have one now, had one years ago, and loved both. A note on Dvorak, I put a key chart up on the wall, and taught my self to use Dvorak when I wasn't looking at the keyboard, and to use qwerty when looking at the keyboard, this kept me from being crippled on a computer that did not have a remapped keyboard. I don't think you are much faster on a Dvorak, but I think you get fewer errors, and it's easier on your hands. It needs to be updated though, it is for typing, not computers.
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I second the 4 Sevens lights, I just got a Quark MiNi123 in warm white (rather than the normal cool white, which is bluer, and doesn't show color as well) , which about the same size as yours, but brighter on high, dimmer on low (you can use it in a room with night adapted eyes and not blind your self), a longer run time, with a tritium dongle on it (find it if I drop it when off in the dark, only $10) from . I also have a SOG Powerlock multi tool (you can switch out blades, and the compound leverage pliers are great), a collection of flash drivers, the best of which is a OCZ Throttle 8GB (they are out of the market now though), fastest I've used by a fair bit, and some misc USB cables. Frankly, everything but my keys, money, bank card, and phone are in my bag most of the time.
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At least the first Bryers shrink happened years ago, before the bubble burst, I remember it. We are at the zero bound, expect monantary supply related things to be very weird.
Here is what I do with my 3 1600x1200 displays. I'm a Unix sysadmin for a company that manages thousands of systems for a few dozen customers. I have my web browser (documentation) on one, monitoring program, ticket managment program, and as many as 12 terminals (and when I RDP to a windows box, I usually put it here) on the second, and chat, email, and notepad++ for notes and such on the third display. I really could use a 4th display so that I could leave the monitoring app visible all the time. So yes, 6MP, and I know how I could use 8.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
According to, ati has a 6x card that will be out soon. And that will be the defaulyt on a chipset level (their customers want it for notebooks). I have 3 1600x1200 displays, and I could put a 4th to good use. I have a monitoring app that is normally hiden, but that really should be where I can see it.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
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Apr 5, 2010