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Aggrandize their own suffering, exaggerate their victimhood, eat, drink and sleep sophisticated propaganda every waking moment, THAT is the gay agenda You just want "Equality"? We just want our values respected - those values of religious freedom elaborated in the Constitution (a document based around a theistic frame of reference). Our values of married couples raising children and teaching them morals is under intense assault by your gay "rights" process. Sure, our Christianity isn't perfect, it's had it's blemishes throughout it's history, but it's what inspired the founding fathers' interperetations of right and wrong that they codified into the Constitiution, and the Constitution is what has made this the greatest nation on earth for so many decades. You gays could give a flip about that proud legacy of prosperity, all it is pointless, and in need of being sacrificed on the alter of your gay "rights".
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Oct 11, 2012