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As a Revolution fan....we wait.....and wait.....and wait...with no TT, and no Ralston, how does this team score goals. The rookies can't do it. Dube can't do it consistantly, and Nyassi can't cross the ball.
Totally agree. There not on vacation. They should not be spending any mental energy on "whats twitter saying". They want to share an experience, then they should talk amoungst themselfs and allow the to do the sharing for them. BTW - Ives, I think your assessment of Spector was a bit harsh. He did struggle a bit but that counter atack was not all his fault. If you look at the cover at that time you see Landon stepped way up on the right when he switched sides, and both Goodson and his partner were way left and no one thought to cover for Spector when he made his run. He should have made a better pass to finish his run but I can't fault him for that counter, he at least made a great recovery run back to his own 18 to try and help out.
What? Beasley as a starter. A player who hasn't seen a decent streatch of games all year, who had a mediocre game against mediocre competition on Tuesday. Where is the coolaid? -----Altidore-----Dempsey------ Donovan------Feilhaber------Holden ------------Bradley------------- Boca----Demerit----Gooch----Specter ----------Timmy-------------------- Then sub Torres in in 2nd half for Feilhaber and Buddle/Gomez for Altidore
Watched the little "inside the lines" training video that USSOCCER posted this morning. Three observations 1) Dempsey and Donovan are the teams best finishers 2) Feilhaber looked good, and is clearly the most technically gifted midfielder. 3) Gomez, Altidore, and Ching looked awful, balls stuck in thier feet, couldn't find the net 1v1 with goalie.
I have to ask teh same question. I like Rogers, but as a creative left sided player is Adu better. My guess is that FA still lacks the Defensive dicipline that Rogers has shown, and Rogers is biger, stronger, and maybe faster. So on that I guess I can see the rationale. Kjlestan confuses me. He barely competes in the MLS, what gives Bob the indication that he will compete on teh global level. And do I have to say.....Beasley? Why. Has anyone noticed he isn't playing for Rangers? And his latest USMNT apperances have been abismal. I hope he doesn't make the 23. So I can live with more positive mempories of DMB.
I don'g get Gilberto Silva, Elano, Julio Baptista, and even Robinho over Ronaldinho. He has found his form at Milan, and who can create better than him. I think Dunga has announced he will "defend" his way through the final, and look for quick counter attacks. Sound familiar. Well at least someone learned something from Confederations Cup!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on World Cup Preliminary Roster Day at Soccer By Ives
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May 11, 2010