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Rosie Forest
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I really enjoyed the personal level of this. I super love it when you pop up on shows I like, but I love even more this blog because it comes directly from YOU. And this was similar except it was on-the-spot in a way that seemed like it would be similar to meeting you in the meat-verse. But I dont imagine we would be allowed to invade your office there, so this was way awesome. Thanks for sharing, and I would really love to see how many dice you are up to now. I know its not enough, but we all know it never will be. And yes, I would so very much be willing to throw money at this if it will continue.
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Yay! A recipe that is awesome and vegetarian! My step mommy makes the best potato soup in the world. Its fairly similar to this except with about 8 times the potatoes (we like starches) and she makes her own broth. She saves the ends of vegetables when cooking and freeze them until she has a full bag. Then she takes them and boils them down in water until its made a really super yummy broth. Needless to say, I have an amazing step mommy who is an astounding cook.
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As a fan, I want to say that I am so very sorry. I hope the people who follow this wonderful blog let you know that we are not all that insane and that you really mean a lot to us. Not only are you a nerd god, but you are a genuinely kind, funny, and GOOD person. And above all, you are a wonderful writer. High fives and hugs from idols are something I one day hope to experience (its difficult at 17 in a small town), and I hope you havnt been turned off from meeting fans because of the crazies by the time I get the chance. You are a wonderful person, please continue to rock the blogosphere!
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Apr 17, 2011