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Charles Roselli2000
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we beat 3 of the four teams left in the playoffs
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you ever get the feeling our d-line needs to start practicing catching a chicken like in the rocky movie so they can get some sacks. just picture it starks solia macdaniel odrick chasing a live chicken. I left wake out cause he would win every time. makes me laugh
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about the tipped passes you have to give Houston some credit. Houston's DE watt said after the game that the coach told them that tannehill was a rookie and would be making short drops and trying to get the ball out quick and that if they got their arms up they could deflect some passes and it worked.This is just part of the process. Another lesson for a rookie QB.He has great mobility and will adjust.
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love the vid, I believe tanne is gonna be great, best we have had in a long time. Really excited about his ability to run too. Its gonna kill defenses.Oh by the way how do I join the coalition?
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keys to victory: 1. solid defense bend don't break the ball well 3. turnovers we are due with these guys and this game can be won. GO PHINS!
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Sep 6, 2012