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Holger Rosencrantz
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I think the Android os locks the device the best: It lets me lock it with drawing a gesture with my thumb and that's all needed to unlock me into Android and then everything. So there is no password and still a lock. I like the idea of software and apps acting "on user behalf" i.e. the software is allowed to act on a user's behalf and that can mean a lot of things like predefining accounts for services that a users might like so that a user can be already "registered." A programming problem is these different user models when a facebook user and a google user can be very well defined and no interaction or relation was defined. So I think internet communities should "sync user data" and if you allow a software realtime uptimes then that's as easy as pushing the button if already logged in from a known account.
Digitaliserar gamla ljud jag med (som f.d. ljudtekniker till 1 svt avsnitt jag har här på magnetremsa man inte vill veta;_)! Med Fraunhofer codec fortfarande mycket bra dock patenterad och nu alltså MP4 eller FLAC i stället.
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Feb 23, 2010