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I do remember reading that other immigrants who are Pakistani or Ugandan Asian have a more agreeable sense of "Britishness" over "Englishness". But of course the concept of "England" may change to something resembling "Britain." I do hope we never find out. One thing that I have often seen said is that if Scotland won independence the SNP would split back into more class-based .politics of the traditional Labour/Tory kind. However it has been pointed out it could be like Ireland in that the politics stays nationalistic. After all, why would the SNP change a winning game? Especially as they haven't made a bad fist of governing Holyrood. You've probably seen this already and I'm as ignorant as a stone about Irish politics but it's interesting.
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Thanks Roger
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Thanks John. I've just cycled to the Gyle and back in a haar. Not the prettiest cycle I've ever done, but it's great to be able to do it.
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I remember the Exile as being creatively abusive but not his actual political stance. There's a sane post on Socialist Unity on the currency issue with reasonable suspicion that an independent Scotland would not be the socialist republic that left campaigners have as their far off vision.
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Glad you'll be playing it, Derek. A reunion sounds excellent. My own father was in the Pacific Islands and told us bits and pieces about his experiences. I'm sorry I never asked him for the full story and now it's too late.
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Thanks for the comment. My knowledge of linguistics is non-existent. I just read this and thought "language games". So glad to have a little intellectual back up on this.
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I agree it's been an excellent adaptation. One of those things Radio 4 does really well. I find it less annoying than the books, where it's emphasised that Crouchback thinks he's fighting for Christian civilisation against barbarism, and becomes disillusioned. I always thought fighting against Nazism was a big enough cause for anyone.
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Thanks Jim. I am very sad. I knew he was ill but thought/hoped that he was responding to treatment. Is social democrat wrong? Should I have said "democratic socialist?"
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