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Thank you Marilyn. We have more ideas than we have time for! So frustrating.
Good idea Wendy! A spray glue is probably not so 'wet' so that could reduce the wrinkling.
Thank you Ruth. Thick stabiliser would probably take the pva better - the paper did wrinkle a little!
Thank you Zed! My attempt at silk paper making using spray starch was a complete disaster - I had silk floating around the room for hours!
Hello Kat, sitting the felted soap on a rack is the best way to store felted soap when in use - it should keep well. Have fun making them!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2018 on how to make felted soaps and pebbles at rosiepink
Thank you Marilyn. I think the paste helps the silk paper keep it's shape well during felting, but that's for wall art - if silk shapes were on an item that needed to be fulled to the max then the shapes would distort because there would be more movement in the felt.
We agree Karen, it does add a new interest to felting. We need to do more sampling!
Gracias por tu amable comentario sobre nuestro tutorial. Desafortunadamente, nuestro tutorial en 3D solo está disponible en inglés. No hablamos español, esta respuesta está escrita con la ayuda de Google translate. Saludos cordiales, Lyn y Annie
Hi Marilyn, thank you :) I'm really pleased I finished it and it didn't go on the UFO pile!
Toggle Commented May 25, 2018 on Creating from Imagination at rosiepink
Hi Ruth, thanks! I'm a great Starter but a terrible Finisher so it's good for me to push through and not get distracted by other things sometimes! I'm sure I've got tons of supplies I've temporarily forgotten about just waiting to be rediscovered! :)
Toggle Commented May 23, 2018 on Creating from Imagination at rosiepink
Hi Tracey, thank you! It's nice to just see where it leads sometimes from picking up some favourite fibre colours or pieces of fabric and fiddling around until something emerges! :)
Toggle Commented May 23, 2018 on Creating from Imagination at rosiepink
Thank you Marilyn - he is a fancy fella to be sure!
Thank you Wendy! They were all great fun to work on. Just need to make sure I finish the leaves picture now and not get too distracted! :)
Hi Elisabeth! Thank you! I really had fun with all of the projects. Hopefully will find some time to do some more soon! I have added propane torch and pillar drill to my Christmas list! :) x
Hi Marilyn, thank you! We're pleased you like all of the projects - we have both been rather busy with it all! Fingers crossed that the leaves turn out well - the image I have in my head at the start is quite often not what happens in the end as I get sidetracked with new ideas! :)
Hi Ruth, thanks! I hope they turn out as good as they look in my head! :) The other projects have been fun too - I like to try a bit of everything and the metalwork was certainly a new and different challenge. It does all feed back though cos I'm now thinking felty sunflowers at some point! :)
Hi Ruth, printing is such fun isn't it! It's a surprise every time! Glad it's not just me who has so many notes and a whirlwind of ideas. I find the cataloguing of ideas quite tricky as they take many forms, and yes sometimes I do wonder what on earth a scribble or note meant! I reckon it's better to have too many overflowing notebooks with a gazillion years worth of ideas than lots of white empty pages, so keep up the good work! :)
Hi Wendy, thank you! I can't keep up with myself sometimes! :) xx
Thanks Karen :) The pipe insulation works so well for stamping circles. Then a cardboard tube and other random circular things got involved. Probably like a lot of people who make things, I find I've got to the point where I start to see an alternative use for so many objects. Anything can become something to have a play with, stamp or draw with or shape felt around! :)
Hello Vanja The finished size of the pod is 12.5 cm at its widest x 7 cm tall (approx 5" wide x 3" tall). If you want to make a larger pod, increase the size of the circle. However, if the pod becomes the size of a cat cave you will need extra layers of wool i.e. the larger the resist, the thicker the wool needs to be for strength. We've updated the tutorial - we think you saw the old one - so here's the link to our latest version of the tutorial.
Thank you Marilyn! I often lack focus but I do have a lot of fun with it all. And I do love a good list. My creative list is like the house jobs list - for every 1 that gets crossed off 5 more appear! :)
I like your thinking Tracey!
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2018 on Nuno Felt & Stitch Valentine Birds at rosiepink
Thank you Tracey. You are spot on. I do love the planning! Sometimes I mull an idea over for weeks. And as for the colourful cockatoos, I think that's called 'artistic license'... or is it madness?
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2018 on Nuno Felt & Stitch Valentine Birds at rosiepink
Thank you Karen - it's a fun way of using nuno felt!
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2018 on Nuno Felt & Stitch Valentine Birds at rosiepink
Thank you Marilyn - the colour of the wool fibres really does make a difference to the nuno felt.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2018 on Nuno Felt & Stitch Valentine Birds at rosiepink