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Thank you Tracey - I do feel more comfortable when I spend more time thinking than doing and it often, though not always, saves frustration and wool.
Thank you Zed. That really was a challenge - but I enjoyed it!
Thank you Ruth!
Thank you Ellie. You are quite right - I spent more time shuffling paper shapes around on a table top to get my 'pattern' and then colouring in with felt tips over and over to get my colours, than I spent felting!
Hello Elizabeth and thank you for your kind comment.
Thank you Ruth. Yes, it would be a good use of the decorated paper!
Thank you Julie. They are interesting to make and the design possibilities for the covers are endless.
Thank you Marilyn. It was time consuming but great fun to do!
Thank you Karen. The blue version is my favourite too. What a good idea of yours - they would make lovely gifts for creative friends!
Thank you Zed! I bet you could give everyone exactly the same bundle and every piece would be completely different. That's the joy of experimenting and creating isn't it! :)
Thanks Karen! It is a great feeling when you finish a piece that you are happy with and have enjoyed making but it is also good to refill the well with periods of play isn't it!
Thanks Ruth :) There are just so many things to try and the more you do the more things you discover - argh! :) Just when I think I will further develop an idea into a finished piece, something new occurs to me and interrupts that thought process! I'm putting things in the bank for when I'm ready though :)
Hi Marilyn, thank you! I've really just been enjoying the journey for a while and not over thinking the destination. Pretty sure some new fresh work will come at some point soon, I've got plenty of sketches and photos to sort through and use to create some finished pieces, but I keep getting distracted by trying new things. I've currently got no panic monsters (deadlines!) to thrash me into finishing things! I've scribbled down many ideas along the way though :)
Thank you! Yes it is possible and here's a photo tutorial:
Thank you Tracey - I like the Japanese simple style.
Thank you Ruth!
Thank you Zed!
Thank you Marilyn - I'm glad I added the fish too.
It does! We like that one the best too.
Just as felting should be.
Hi Elisabeth, yes it is lots of fun! The spinning is quite tricky but I just let it do it's own thing really and hope for the best! That's the great thing about feltmaking - nothing is wasted. All the little bits, and odds n ends, can be reused in new pieces and this creates lots of "happy accidents" too! Much love back Annie :)
Thank you for your kind feedback on our tutorials! We're in England but we keep in touch with felters around the world through "The Felting and Fiber Forum". It's free to join and you don't have to join to just look around it.
Hi Marilyn - thank you! Sorry, bit slow on publishing comments today! Glad you like them - I have lots of ideas for them! :)
Thank you for your kind feedback Sue!
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Hi Ruth, that's great that you're feeling inspired! :) The croppers really do help to focus in on areas of interest and create new ways of looking at a piece of felt. Sometimes I start to worry that i spend too long "organising and sorting" instead of "doing" but actually the organising and sorting is part of the process in a way isn't it because you are reminded of various photos or supplies or books that you might have forgotten about. It helps the ideas to flow. Will be interested to hear what becomes of your old pieces of felt!
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