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Ross Judson
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I'm looking for useful information on baby monitors. Sadly, SEO devils know this, and have made it very difficult to find anything real. If you want a nice tour of these crap sites, try searching for "The Summer Infant Best View color video baby monitor is one of the highest rated video monitors", and use the quotes so you get exact matching on the phrase. It takes you on a nice tour of content replicators and scrapers. There are automatic variations as well -- "highest rated video monitors" becomes "best rated video monitors", and so forth. If you break it down to searching for duplicate sentences, I bet you find enormous numbers of duplicators very quickly.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
Seems to me that relying purely on content for indexing isn't going to work any more. Each web site comes from a hierarchical division of address blocks. The existence of a "bad" web site within a given address block can and should impair the score of every other web site within that address block, to a lesser degree as we ascend the address block hierarchy. The same concept should be applied to registrars. In other words, if my ISP hosts a lot of spam sites or there are a lot of them in my address block, my site is going to take a penalty, regardless of its content. I therefore have an incentive to seek out a reputable ISP, and reputable ISPs have a very solid reason to push out spam sites. Eradicating this trash means making it harder and harder for it to find a "home". I can't think of a better way to do that than to have ISPs actively working on the problem, to retain their wider customer base. If they don't have a wider customer base, and it's all spam? Page ranks from that ISP will snuggle up to each other at the bottom of the pit. The basic problem here is that its too hard to keep adapting like crazy to all the ways of restructuring content, times all the possible web sites. The number of ISPs and address blocks is, however, entirely tractable for this kind of problem. Of course, this can punish entirely innocent web sites, until the system as a whole shakes itself out. It would be nice to have this particular omelette be break-free, but I don't see how to do that.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
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Jan 3, 2011