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Over under on LeBron throwing powder in the air or North Korea lobbing a nuke through the air first?
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Will he or won't he? at Heat Check
@SomePerspective, don't rip Manny quite so hard. It's a difficult job to do during this time with the rumor mill swirling around Gruden. Just try following "Gruden" at I just listened to a VERY telling interview and "development and motivation" was NOT the only issue(s). A LOT about Shannon's BAD coaching style & tactics are coming out after the firing. He played MIND GAMES with college kids. That's just dumb. Check the audio from The Michael Irvin Show interview w/ Spencer Adkins. It's hard to believe Shannon would take away the edge, but he did. Skip ahead to 3:30 for Some(More)Perspective:
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Why does this have to become AT ALL about the coach's race? Who has been coaching us the past four years? Yeah...riiiight... It is about getting THE BEST MAN for the job. If Gruden was green, I'd still want him to be the first choice to be the next coach @ The U. However, if he's not the man for the job, this blog by Manny certainly makes me feel better about the situation. Also, props to you for (unlike yours truly) not reporting on "Bleacher Report"s and every other silly rumor heard on Twitter. I can get away with it because I'm not a definitely can't. That said, I heard Kirby bought Grudes a fat steak dinner and many, many beers and they ended up at Mons Venus last night. Any truth to this? ;)
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5 days later, this is certainly a moot point. Man, do we have a LOT of power with this pick. GO B. Marshall and GO 'PHINS!!
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Armando, thank you for writing this. Jim has been a lifelong friend of our family. I have memories of him being in my life since...well...I started having memories. He gave my father the nickname "roto" because of our last name and I carry that nickname on today. Tears came to my eyes several times while reading your post. I have known about Jim's condition for quite some time, but out of respect for his wife and the boys, we were asked to keep the news private & now I'm glad to have somewhere to type everything I'm feeling because this situation sucks. Jim is SO MUCH more than just "Allllllllllright Miami" and his crazy radio persona. Although he's a busy man, he's been a part of many of my life's fond memories. He took me on the court to shoot around in the old Miami Arena when he called 'Canes Hoops, invited us backstage during the old "Sports Wrap" days, offered to help me find a job when I graduated from college, and we always had a blast playing in his celebrity golf tournament at Shula's C.C. Those are all great, but what's most important is that he's been a wonderful family friend. I also pray Jim recovers completely, and I'd trade NO Super Bowl wins for the rest of my life for it... Mad Dog, if you're reading this, get well soon and know we're sending a lot of love your way. When you recover, we won't miss a fishing trip in the Keys again!
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Mar 10, 2010