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After reading the article, I think Manny needs a lesson on what is actually going on. "Today, we are shocked to hear that another professional sports team wants to build a soccer stadium on the same waterfront," say Manny Diaz. That is not exactly accurate, as David Beckham, Marcelo Claure, and the rest of their investment group, along with thousands of Miami and South Florida residents and citizens, don't WANT the stadium there, but would much rather see the stadium as originally planned at PortMiami. Since "Diaz is known as a behind-the-scenes advocate for putting a soccer stadium next to the Marlins' actual stadium in Little Havana, and he helped champion the unpopular tax-funded deal that built the ballpark," I don't think we should expect too much from him either. Appears he may be trying to make some political hay out of this and secure another deal for his interests. A Southern Legion (local MLS Supporters Group) member recently voiced what many local soccer fans agree with, "I would be so bummed if we traded one plan - to expand waterfront access and build the kind of stadium Miami deserves - for a plan that actually REDUCES public access to a waterfront and doesn't make use of the tunnel..." With all due respect to local soccer supporters wanting a stadium, it coming at the price of reducing already very limited, valuable waterfront green space, would make it a very hollow achievement. PortMiami actually CREATES publicly usable space, green and otherwise, while ensuring that Miami puts its best foot forward in showing the world what the World's Most Beautiful Game (and world's most popular game) looks like, in a uniquely and incomparable Miami Style! SUPPORT THE STADIUM AT THE PORT!!
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May 7, 2014