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As a cat owner myself, I at least have the small consolation of knowing that since adult cats do not normally meow to each other to communicate, when they meow at me they're talking to the human just like I'm talking to the cats. May the trip be safe and incredibly enjoyable. While I'm not normally intrigued by the thought of a cruise, this one sounds amazing and I'll hope there's a JoCo cruise version III next year. (You posts about the cruise have taught me that I apparently live in America's Wang, which is a lovely thought. In fact, considering my location in said Wang, I may well live in Ballville. Erm. Now I don't even want to think about the humidity here. Moving on...) And finally, I know this is a relatively longish comment, but it is my first. Like most people, I remember you from Star Trek. Somewhere along the way, I learned you were a fellow gamer. Then a while ago I read some of your archived WWdN posts and liked them. Since then I've seen you on The Guild, on The Big Bang Theory, and in random performance videos. I went back to looking for blog posts and other tidbits you've peppered around the Internet. Basically, I've become a big fan. You're entertaining, humorous, and more importantly, you seem to be a genuinely good person. This makes me proud to be a fellow geek. Thanks for sharing all the interesting stories and such with us! I'll be happily reading along in the future.
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Feb 17, 2012