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The "native"/"immigrant" categorization was flawed from the start, with all due respect to Prensky for seeking a purposeful analogy. However, the moniker has been maintained for a decade now. When I first read it, I bristled at the thought of being an immigrant simply based on my birthdate. So I wrote and spoke about my own categorization...I am a digital interpreter. My idea never caught on, but now many years after the shift from computers as consumption machines to creation vehicles, our "natives" are still mostly clueless about what they have that could make an impact on their world. So, as I follow Syria's war now, the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements of last year, the Mumbai Terrorism of a few years ago all on Twitter, I still await the great awakening of America's restless natives who will one day ask, "Is this all there is to this digital world?" They have no idea of the power they hold in the hip(ster) pockets...which might be a good thing. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2013 on Digital Immigrants Unite! at The Tempered Radical
So let me get this straight: Someone thinks it is not right for someone who "lives in the classroom," year after year, to sell their knowledge to help others who live in their classrooms as well. BUT, it's okay for someone who has never been in a classroom, or got out of it before certification renewals came, to create lessons and sell, or receive education-based grants, their knowledge as pedagogical experts (Khan, KIPP, Rocketship, etc.). Keep writing, speaking, and making us career educators proud to know you and your work.
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Dec 23, 2010