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Ramesh Sharan
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For newer car it is better to go to the dealer you bought your car from. In the long run it is cheaper.
The reason government is not interested to resolve the problem is that they do not have to worry for the Social Security for themselves. The president, Governors, Senators (Federal & State), Congressmen (Federal & State) and several other government officials neither contribute to the Social Security system nor get paid from the system. THEY ARE PAID FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE THE FULL PAY WITH FULL BENEFITS. My suggestion is to change their method of retirement payment as follows; The presidents, Governors, Senators, and Congressmen will be paid half of maximum Social Security benefits after retirement if they were one term only otherwise full benefits. They will also contribute to FICA like other citizens. This one simple trick will fix the Social Security fund. The government need to stop taking Social Security fund for other use, and actually pay interest on the fund.
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Feb 17, 2010