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I have always preferred desktop PC's when it comes to my home computer and still do for gaming/writing code. I am in the process however, of selling my house. Due to de-cluttering I have sold my powerful desktop PC and for less than I paid for that; bought a gaming laptop. In the past I would have never bought a laptop for gaming as they couldn't put out the same power per pound (I'm English ;)). You might say this isn't relevant to the article in the sense I'm still using a "PC", true but it does show how I've downsized a bit. I'll still be getting a desk and dock to use mouse/keyboard/speakers when I move house though. Now onto the more relevant part... I have a smartphone but no tablet, I use my smartphone for about 80% of my internet browsing, 99% of my email and all sorts of other internet related stuff. I can't however connect my phone to a mouse/keyboard/speakers/monitor and fire up my MMO game of choice. I also can't see myself writing code on a tablet/phone. Until my phone or tablet (when i eventually get one), can perform the above tasks then for me at least the PC isn't dead. As some earlier comments on this post state however, for the average user then with a tablet they can easily do without a PC for the most part. I do think there are still some improvements that need to be made there for tasks such as the use of office suite software. The PC will still be the device of choice for Gaming/CAD/Rendering work and anything else resource intensive for a while yet, so becoming more of a niche rather than dying.
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Oct 1, 2012