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Inspirational post, David! Thank you.
I don't see brevity as compromise or dumbing down. Like the structure of a haiku, it's a constraint that can unleash creativity. Some things need to be expressed as manifestos or epic poems, but the discipline of a word limit can improve many posts (and ensure that they're actually read by the intended audience)
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Say it with fewer words at Web Ink Now
This year I heard two SXSW attendees trying to top each other with their communication preferences. I'm not making this up. "My customers know not to leave me voicemail because I never even check it anymore," said one. "Oh, I never answer email. People know to DM me on Twitter" said the second. "No, they need to be in my pod on Beluga", said the first. I may be a douchebag because I jump to answer the phone in case it's a client calling. Or - here's food for thought, Jim - possibly, just possibly, we're not the douchebags here.
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This is great stuff and I'm enjoying it. That said, us aging punks need marketing lessons from the Ramones or Sex Pistols. Maybe I'll start that one...
David, You're absolutely right - adoption is huge. Everyone watches online video now. As with any marketing tool, there are two key questions: "Who is my audience" and "what action would I like them to take after watching this video." That informs everything from how you script & shoot to where you post. At Invodo (full disclosure: yep, I work there) we use video as a conversion-driving tool for online retailers. So it's important that the videos be product-specific and on the product page where the buying decision is made. Another huge benefit for any type of business is the SEO impact. Forrester quantified a page with video as having a 53x greater probability of a front-page result, all other things being equal. Amazes me that more businesses aren't dressing their site with video for that reason alone.
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Jun 13, 2010