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"or pushing an "update" that's really a rollback once enough people have gotten the update to reveal a bug that was missed before release?" This is certainly possible for purely code issues but sometimes environmental issues (caused by the previous update) are harder to fix without over-stepping your bounds. You can't just go deleting files off the client's system! More often new features in Firefox have an 'off switch' in about:config, so disabling it is as simple as a toggle. Fx has so... many.. freaking... unit tests. I spend more time writing Fx unit tests than I do writing patches. There are pros and cons but at end of the day it's about making the best end product, so total code coverage is a beautiful thing.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
"I really don't get the point of NoScript. Only allowing Javascript on whitelisted websites just seems stupid to me." @TheSupremeNerd Then you evidently haven't looked at what it does - or are unfamiliar with why it needs to do what it does. I can't understand how anyone chooses the use the web without running NoScript - and that's because I know exactly what it achieves and it's something that should be inside every single browser. Anyway, RE: version numbers... Mozilla have gone crazy with their versions. In the past month I've gone from the Firefox 4 Nightly to running Firefox 6 on Aurora (which is sort of like a release candidate). By the end of the year I'll be running Firefox 1.4^5 at this rate. It makes Google Chrome's update process seem positively arthritic. It'll only end in the tears, I'm sure...
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
Personally I use budget studio gear. Much better than anything you get at retail and largely cheaper too because they're not pretending to be 'luxury products for the discerning gamer/film enthusiast'. The build quality is generally superior. @Cody Rather than tying yourself into a particular sound card for legacy functionality you like, you can use alternatives. The point here is that EAX-like functionality doesn't require hardware, you can have applications do it in real time. @Vilx Games use engine-bespoke software DSP nowadays. As a single example, all Source games use the same DSP (and note, this is an old as hell engine). Again, no need for EAX. It's already in the game.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2011 on Who Needs a Sound Card, Anyway? at Coding Horror
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