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Igor Rusinov
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I just had a strange idea... Would this be possible?? Do you think Ray and KG would be open to coming back after this season for a veteran minimum to come off the bench? That would allow us to lure and sign Dwight Howard... and would make our bench the most beastly bench in the league... Why wouldn't Ray and KG want to come back for that situation? They have made their money. They know the system. Their starter years are virtually done... Is this what Danny counting on? Imagine this Starters - PP JG DH RR JaJu Bench - DWest KG RA BBD I mean I may be dreaming but is this so out of the realm of possibility?
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I have this eerie feeling that Rondo and Ray had a spat and are no longer on good terms... Is it just me or has Rondo virtually stopped passing to Allen? I don't get it. Is Allen too unselfish??? He NEEDS the ball!! He needs to find his mojo before the playoffs... or else we are doomed :(
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Apr 11, 2011