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Russell Hutchinson
I'm the principal the Chatswood Consulting Limited, live and work in New Zealand.
Interests: Family, financial services management consulting, living a good life in New Zealand. I love to read, run, work out, and soon I may admit to gardening.
Recent Activity
Quotemonster are heading to New Plymouth on the 5th of June! Popular demand said we had to go to Taranaki, and I am very pleased to say I will be presenting that session myself. I love Taranaki and have friends... Continue reading
Posted 55 minutes ago at moneyblog
Risk Info NZ has this piece on Kepa taking a stake in the Financial Design Group. Link. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at moneyblog
Over half of the men who attended a recent health event in the Waikato were referred to go and see their GP's after undergoing some screening tests. Click here to read more. Taking care of yourself isn't a form of... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at moneyblog
QPR V110 has just been uploaded to Quotemonster and the database has been distributed to institutional subscribers. This version includes the following changes: Special Events incidence - change to 3.00% for Life & TPD. AMP Essentials (Non-UW) life cover rated.... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at moneyblog
The Association of British Insurers has published diversity and gender pay-gap information which you can check out at this link. They have also published details of the gender make-up of their management team. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at moneyblog
We have just published a new Medical Comparison on Tableau Server. V64. The only company updated since v63 is nib, with rates update from 1st April. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at moneyblog
Well, my compliance people haven't gone surly, because Rob Dowler is a reliably cheerful person. But if you are wondering why your compliance manager has gone surly, it might be because they are buried in work. Here, courtesy of Rob... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at moneyblog
The good folks at Typepad provide pretty awesome service most of the time, but we were down for about five hours today - thanks to those who let me know, but it was scheduled maintenance at Typepad. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at moneyblog
The guide you can find at this link, by Partners Life, is excellent for advisers considering submitting on the Code Working Group (CWG) proposals. I am very happy to publish links to other guides and discussion papers, so please send... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at moneyblog
Sovereign has updated income protection and mortgage protection products with a number of enhancements, including: Increased maximum cover limits Additional wait period options Indexation options for Mortgage Protection Removal of offsets from bed confinement benefit and other changes. More details... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at moneyblog
Philip Macalister's interview with Minister of Consumer Affairs, Kris Faafoi, is well worth listening to. The good bits really kick in at about 3.30 into the video. That is where Philip asks the minister about the Code Working Group, and... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at moneyblog
AA Insurance is listed as the 4th most reputable New Zealand business. That's quite a feat, and nice to see an insurer make it. Congratulations folks! Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at moneyblog
If you want to get a bit more inclusive, this page is worth a look: Te Kete Tikanga Māori The app is good too, because it helps with pronunciation (you can tap a word and your phone speaks it), but... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at moneyblog
Emma Espiner has this wonderfully thoughtful piece on how to create more diverse businesses. As an old white guy, who like many other old white guys, does not buy into the 'zero sum' thinking that appears to be behind Julie-Ann... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at moneyblog
Thank you so much for attending our recent Quotemonster roadshow. We have had record attendance, with more than 500 attending so far, and we still have a couple more venues to go. For all those who have expressed interest in... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at moneyblog
Life insurance can be abused - without some care on the part of insurers it is possible to apply for sums insured which can provide a motive for murder. It is especially heartbreaking when the victim is a child. A... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2018 at moneyblog
A piece on the adviser's claims process - and the danger of presuming to know whether a claim will or will not be accepted. Link. Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2018 at moneyblog
MBIE has published the discussion document on disclosure requirements proposed for the new financial advice regime. You can find it at this link. It is well worth a read, and of course, a submission. There are several points on which... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2018 at moneyblog
This from The Economist: "THE planet has rarely been so peaceful. Even with terrible fighting in such places as Congo, Syria and Yemen, wars between and within countries are becoming less common and less deadly. But a dark menace looms.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2018 at moneyblog
A big crowd - possibly the biggest we've ever had - at the Advicemonster meeting on The North Shore this morning. Thank you to everyone who came along. Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2018 at moneyblog
Worth reading Richard's article in full on goodreturns. Link. Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2018 at moneyblog
Uninsured drivers calling the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) make up 10% of all contacts. There were lots of people calling about disputes with other drivers, caused, fundamentally, by driving while uninsured. Their disputes included whether or not they... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2018 at moneyblog
We all need a brush-up on time management every now and then. This quick omnibus of 21 good habits is on lifehacker. Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2018 at moneyblog
Chatswood's Bank and direct price comparison survey has been updated and is available for purchase. Please contact me directly for more details of the changes since the last update was done in April 2017. Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2018 at moneyblog