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Luke Russell
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Pitbull attack victim 2 year old Savannah Mae Edwards of Topeka brutally killed by a Pitbull on Dec 13 2012 Thanks you for your contribution to furthering your sociopathic agenda of endangering unsuspecting citizens from fighting breeds of dogs. Great work ars#holes.
The thing that gets me is every Pit-bull owner who believes they are responsible owners because there dog hasn’t attacked and killed yet, agree that it is the owners fault, just not themselves. I laugh at all the defences the Dog Dic@heads come up with. Dangerous Dog Defenders are marginalized members of society, so they choose a dog to reinforce that status, but to also offer them an illusion of protection. People who choose marginalized dogs then go on to become vocal extremists in defending dangerous dogs and rub salt into the wounds of victims with their ludicrous statements. I can tell you now as a victim of a multiple pit-bull attack while at work, that left me unable to walk for six months, A deep vein thrombosis and a host of infections, that dangerous dog owners and defenders are the scariest, most evil members of our society, if I was to tell you some of the things I have learnt through my own experience, the average person would be shocked. Even if there were no dangerous dogs, the type of people who defend them would still be a greater risk to society than the dogs themselves, for these people have turned their back on the victims and become obsessed with a breed of dog to the point of violating every known human rights law to man. I advocate for breed bans on dangerous dog breeds in society, and once society has rounded them up, we can then focus our attention on why people feel the need to own and defend such killer dogs even when their behaviour is highly offensive and insensitive to every victim and their families. My experience shows me that Dangerous Dog Defenders have never met victim, they always dismiss victims and feel no problem with threating, harassing and intimidation to the point of extreme criminality towards victims of Dog Attack. In the last 2 ½ years I have had my life and physical body ruined by Pit bulls and their Owners and Defenders, the resulting medical and legal expenses have bankrupted me and left me afraid to leave the house. I have many permanent injuries and no compassion for dangerous dog defenders. They are cruel human beings who should be euthanized with their dogs.
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Feb 11, 2012