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Liberty, Mississippi
Retired American history teacher.
Interests: fishing and writing
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Inside sources at the White House have now confirmed that plans have been drawn up for the construction of a new monument in the nations capital. Although, the plans are somewhat sketchy, at this time some details have emerged. Funds for the new structure will come from items hidden in... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 12, 2011 at Russellshih's blog
LOL. This is a great little toon. Post-racial president, Ha!
Toggle Commented May 1, 2010 on Toon of the day at Atlas Shrugs
Biden has no understanding of foreign policy, this is the man who would have divided Iraq into three parts as the only solution---what does he say about that now, nothing! I would trust Biden to negociate anything the man is a utter fool.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on Embarrassing America at Atlas Shrugs
Talk about a cold twisted trail this is certainly one. It appears from this post that you have done a great deal of work on the story. I do hope one day you will be able to write that final chapter with a great ending for American and expose the man for what he really is, The Great Imposter!
The Obama administration has absolutely no shame and will do everything to to please our enemies,and make no mistake China is that! A long time friend of the United States like the Dali Lama is escorted out the back door while those who are most dangerous to this nation are bowed too and given lavish parties at the tax-payer's expense. There will come a day when Obama will have to answer for the crimes, yes crimes, he is committing against the American people. Barack, with each passing day your time is winding down and that point when you exit the Oval Office door, that point when you get your last salute is coming!
Great photos! Looks like everyone was having fun and getting into the event. Thanks for you efforts Pamela and keep up the good work. Wish I could get out and do more, but my many years and health have slowed me down. I passed on to my students for many years american values and traditions and I now doing my small part on this keyboard where one can find me night after night. We have a great nation, we are the hope of the world and the last great shining beacon of liberty in this old world.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2010 on FDI at CPAC: Quick Pics! at Atlas Shrugs
Its really quite simple when one stops to think---no Islam---no jihadist! Doesn't take a rocket scientist!
Please title this the rise and fall of Obamaism!
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Naked at the Feast at Atlas Shrugs
There is little doubt that liberals in the United States and western countries have shifted in there support for the Jewish State since the 1960's. I fail to understand why many american Jews continue in their anti-Israeli stance. Its quite puzzling to this Christian. Support for the Arabs is increasing while support for Israel shrinks. I think many on the liberal side see Israel as a child of the old colonialism and the arabs as a victem of it. Perhaps that explains some of the lack of support for the Israeli position---I really don't know. Perhaps someone can give me some help in understanding what I see as a contradiction especially among American Jews.
The deal with Ron and Micheal seems to disprove the old saying, "blood is thicker than water", with the adopted son being more loyal to the father than the real son.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on Cain and Abel ..... Reagan at Atlas Shrugs
Great, great Pamela, you more than held your own. The left is very afraid of Sarah and I have a feeling they will be more afraid in 2012. Keep up the good work girl!
My first memories of hearing about the Grand Mafti was from the movie "Exodus" which I saw as a teen ager many years ago. I never realized how involved he was with Hitler and National Socialism. Your post of the past few days have been revealing to this old history teacher. Thanks!
Little doubt about this. Community organizer is all he does really well and where as best to start than on our young impressionable kids. This guys just isn't getting ready for 2010, but the big one in 2012. He has been in campaign mode since winning the election and will stay there through 2012---if he wins that one all bets are off.
Seriously this is awful. Remember Bush in that classroom the morning of the 9/11 attack sitting in that chair talking to the kids as the awful news was whispered in his ear. What would this freak do? No lines on TOTUS for that Barry!
Great song. I've always "walked the line" for Cash!
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2010 on Cashing Out on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Great post, but scarry. I've no doubt that this very evening the democrat bosses in Boston are working over time to find ways to game the system. This must not happen, no tomorrow, not this fall, not ever again in America.
The bulge in the carpet is getting bigger and bigger as more dirt is swept under it. Soon that growing bulge will be visable to even the most casual observer.
No Jews on the jury. If I'm every facing a jury I will demand they be all white men and over 50---I'm entitled! Who does this woman think she is and where in the hell does she think she is, perhaps Saudi Arabia or Iran!
The video shows a stark reality. The Detriot demonstration is but a drop of sanity in a sea of hate. All the energy is on the other side and those so-called moderates may as well be silent for their voices are drowned out my the radical masses. The video does say it all.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Objective Reality: A is A at Atlas Shrugs
As violence against native Europeans goes up the tide will slowly turn and more like Geert Wilders will step forward---he is only one of the first to step from the darkness into what will be a new light, a rebirth of European nationalism. I must always have faith that good will in the end be victorous over evil.
Most words just vanish with the breeze, but the words of Scott Brown will echo above the roar of the crowd. I've seen the video on numerous blogs this evening and will be posting it on mine tomorrow---its all I can do now. Each time I hear his words after David Gergen, that liberal lap dog tried to set him up, a get that tingle going up my leg, sorry Chris M.
I think the word has gone out to corrupt, confuse and confound those in charge. As they are seen to be weak, timid and unwilling to accept the threat they are faced with.
CAIR and Hooper are just supporters of Islam and that includes Jihadist. I will not seperate the two. They go to the dance together and go home to bed together. I watched OReilly last night and he is never hard enough on Hopper when he comes on his show. I like Bill, but too often he tries to spit the baby when the issue is good and evil and not just two sides in a debating match.
These people do not respect our laws, our traditions, or our country. They are wrapped in the blanket of a false cult thats demands the destruction of all who disagree.
Obama is a very calculating and dedicated radical and doubt he makes any moves without thinking them through. I may not be a deliberate attack on the CIA, but traditionally liberals in this country have not liked that agency and have very little use for the work done there. Obama would have no problems in crippling the agency and that may very well be his intention.