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Russell Uresti
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Two things. (1) I loved this movie. (2) I think Tim (above) brings up an excellent point. Imagine an alternate outcome of this movie -- imagine that after the perfect date, Rita fell in love with Phil, they got married, and lived happily ever after; how would this change in the movie affect this post about A/B Testing? Would you then be posting about how A/B Testing is the perfect solution to make users fall in love with your site / application / new toothbrush? Ultimately, Groundhog Day is a scripted movie determined by a group of writers and editors and movie people - not real life. And while many of the ideas presented in movies ring true to us, they're often just playing on what we hope is true, and not what is actually true. We all hope that we can't be manipulated into love, that the feeling of love is sincere and beautiful and above corruption - but we should all know that this is not the case. Our feelings can be manipulated. Throw a baby or a puppy into any commercial and we're likely to associate the feelings we have for babies and puppies with whatever product the advertisement is peddling. We're simple and predictable - sad but true.
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Jul 20, 2010