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Jason Ruvinsky
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It's totally worth it. Hope to see you two on the boat in 2013!
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Let Scrimshaw know that we all enjoyed his show immensely and want to see more! The Comedy of Doom was a highlight amongst highlights on the cruise.
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Watch the space at EDIT: I see this has already been answered. Oops. But by all means, join us next year!
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That sounds like a truly epic game of Settlers. Hope someone captured photos of the game itself! Also, I love a well placed reference myself, that call of "WHEEEEAAAATTTOOOON!" sounds perfectly executed, well done Sea Monkey Matt. It clearly outmatches my reference to "This feels strange but also good" just before the Scrimshaw comedy. Still I take pride in getting a good laugh out of that line. :-) Also, the Comedy of Doom was the most brilliant performance of the entire cruise. And I loved the Captain Wesley "Awesome" Crusher bit. They need to have Scrimshaw back next year too.
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Hey Wil! It was terrific meeting you and chatting in the cab on Curacao. While you are one of the celebrity guests, it really feels like you are one of us too, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy your time on the cruise as much as we all did. We seamonkeys had a wonderful time on the cruise. I absolutely agree with what you that it is like all the good parts of a convention with none of the bad stuff. (AND it's a week long, AND it's on a fancy cruise ship in the ocean, AND we get to go to the beach!)
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Feb 29, 2012