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Romeo Vitelli
I'm a psychologist in private practice in Toronto and Hamilton. My first book, The Everything Guide To Overcoming PTSD, will be available this June.
Interests: fencing, websurfing, archaeology, travelling and a whole list of other things i can't recall at the moment., gay/lesbian/bisexal/transgender issues, political arguments
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An article in Health Psychology examined a series of studies examining the association between gatekeeper training and suicide knowledge among a diverse set of health care workers (case managers, clinicians, administrators, nurses, physicians, support staff). An additional aim of the... Continue reading
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Just days after reports of a "mystery man" giving away money to strangers across Halifax, Nova Scotia, the unnamed man quickly became seen as a folk hero to many city residents. Dressed in patched pants and wearing a wool jacket,... Continue reading
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What is your earliest memory? By the time children are two years old, they are able to answer questions about recent events ialthough they often need careful prompting to retrieve memories. Over the next four or five years, children become... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Providentia
1816 was a very bad year. Across the entire Northern hemisphere, what would become known as The Year Without A Summer led to massive food shortages due to the overall drop in temperatures and the failure of food crops. Beginning... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Providentia
Adolescence and early adulthood is a time when peer groups become increasingly influential in the lives of young people. Youths exposed to deviant peers risk susceptibility to externalizing behaviors and related psychopathology. In addition to environmental correlates of deviant peer... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2014 at Providentia
That's right. An honest-to-goodness book. That I wrote. All by myself. When I was asked last year by the Everything Series to write a book on PTSD, I was both flattered and frightened. After some hemming-and-hawing, I agreed to submit... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2014 at Providentia
For any child, words of praise can be an important part of learning those skills that can prepare them for adulthood. Whether the praise comes from a parent, a teacher, or even friends, children need to be told that they... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Providentia
What would eventually become one of the most bizarre murder cases in Chicago's history began when 22-year-old Mary Vrzal first visited "The Great Billick, Card-Reader and Seer" in 1904. Within a matter of months, most of her family would be... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2014 at Providentia
Every year, more than six million people lose a loved one through suicide. These bereaved by suicide are at relatively high risk for mental illnesses including suicide. The social stigma attached to suicide often makes it difficult to talk about... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at Providentia
Dr. Christian Jessen is a medical doctor and one of the stars of the British television program, Embarassing Bodies. Well known for educating the public on medical conditions that might be "too embarassing to share with their doctors", the 36-year-old... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2014 at Providentia
It's safe to say that grief is universal. Everybody experiences loss, whether it's the loss of a loved one, the ending of a romantic relationship, or any sort of a serious setback in life. The process of dealing wiith that... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at Providentia
Continued from Part One Josef Mengele didn't do all the research himelf alone, of course. Since many of the inmates were physicians themelves, Mengele was in a good position to force them to conduct much of the research, collect results,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2014 at Providentia
Like caffeine, nicotine may be regarded as a stimulant. The neurotoxic and neuroprotective properties of nicotine had not been thoroughly investigated until recently. Also nicotine has a neuroprotective action in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. It protects... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2014 at Providentia
Months after Ashutosh Maharaj died of a heart attack, his hopeful followers are patiently waiting for him to return to them. Though doctors declared the founder of the Divine Light Awakening Mission to be clinically dead, his followers that he... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2014 at Providentia
According to the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), hoarding disorder is described as a pattern of compulsive behaviour involving accumulating numerous possessions that are often of little value to anyone else. While we... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2014 at Providentia
When John D. Rockefeller and his son founded the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913, they established what would become one of the preeminent private philanthropic organizations in the world. With a charter establishing the goal of promoting “the well-being of mankind... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2014 at Providentia
Stalking is a well-recognized social phenomenon, one that particularly affects health care professionals, especially psychiatrists and other mental health workers; however, the nature and effects of stalking of psychiatrists have not been examined in detail. A study published in the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2014 at Providentia
When police in Syracuse, New York discoverd the body of three-year old Ameen Washington on November 5, 2011, they didn't have to look far to find their main suspect. The boy's father, 28-year-old Marcel Washington openly admitted killing Ameen in... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2014 at Providentia
Does getting too much or too little sleep affect your health? Or even how long you are likely to live? Even though Lewis Terman began researching the relationship between sleep and health in 1913, how much or little sleep you... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2014 at Providentia
For John Cleves Symmes Jr., the modest proposal he made repeatedly to Congress (and backed by then-President John Quincy Adams) offered nothing less than the beginning of the greatest voyage of discovery ever undertaken. Unfortunately, his critics were not so... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2014 at Providentia
A report published in General Hospital Psychiatry report the case of a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia who presented with stalking behaviors that may have been caused by problematic use or participation in social media networks (SMN). We review the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2014 at Providentia
When David Tarloff fatally stabbed psychologist Kathryn Faughey to death in her New York office and seriously injured her colleague, psychiatrist Kent D. Shinbach, on February 12, 2008, nobody suspected that a long legal odyssey was about to begin. And... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2014 at Providentia
Guns and young people definitely don't mix. According to Center of Disease Control statistics, there were 2,711 firearm-related deaths of infants, children, and adolescents in 2010 alone. For young people between the ages of ten and nineteen, homicide and suicide... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2014 at Providentia
Continued from Part One Though mass shootings had certainly happened before, what happened on October 30, 1985 was the first of its kind with a female shooter. As you can imagine, the Pennsylvania mental health system came under fire for... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2014 at Providentia
For patients and family members coping with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, the challenge of delaying memory loss for as long as possible often depends on stimulating memories. Following a series of requests from dementia care groups, the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2014 at Providentia