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Romeo Vitelli
I'm a psychologist in private practice in Toronto and Hamilton. My first book, The Everything Guide To Overcoming PTSD, will be available this June.
Interests: fencing, websurfing, archaeology, travelling and a whole list of other things i can't recall at the moment., gay/lesbian/bisexal/transgender issues, political arguments
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Relationships of some types of childhood maltreatment and suicidal behavior remain controversial and inconclusive. A new meta-analysis published in the Journal of Affective Disorder examines this relationship using studies found through Medline, Embase, PsycINFO and Cochrane library. The results were... Continue reading
Posted 4 hours ago at Providentia
A prominent exorcist is warning about rosaries being given out by "Illuminati satanists" across the Philippines. Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) chief exorcist Ambrosio Nonati Legaspi says that these rosaries often contain hidden symbols that would cause... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Providentia
It was one of the great survival stories of the 19th century. That it would be quickly overshadowed by lurid claims of cannibalism also demonstrated how quickly public opinion could be turned by the power of the press. When Lieutenant... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Providentia
Visitors to the sanitarium on the outskirts of Paris during the early years of the twentieth century would have been struck by her appearance. Living in a special villa on the sanitarium grounds, the elderly woman hardly spoke a word... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Providentia
Given the relatively recent growth in access to heroin and a more permissive atmosphere surrounding its use, new research study in the journal Addictive Behaviors suggests that an increasing number of persons with limited experience and tolerance to opioids would... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Providentia
There is no question that impaired driving is a major public health threat. In the United States alone, impaired driving accounts for more than 12,000 fatalities a year (about 40 percent of all traffic-related fatalities) and well over 250,000 injuries... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2017 at Providentia
A German nurse already serving a life sentence for killing two patients is now admitting to an additional 84 murders. 40-year-old Niels Hoegel was convicted in 2015 for killing two elderly patients and the attempted murder of two others under... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2017 at Providentia
As part of my recent trip to Berlin, Germany, I took an extended tour of some of the less well-known memorials to Berlin's often-horrific history. Though Tiergarten is now a lovely wooded park, visitors to Tiergartenstrasse 4 can still see... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2017 at Providentia
A paper recently published in the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research investigated the effect of commercial video games (VGs) in physical rehabilitation of motor functions. Several databases were screened (Medline, SAGE Journals Online, and ScienceDirect) using combinations of the following... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2017 at Providentia
Three elderly brothers are currently facing charges of possessing child pornography after police found thousands of pornographic images and writings in the north Seattle home. The brothers, Edwin Emery, age 79; Thomas Emery, age 80; and Charles Emery, age 82... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2017 at Providentia
Continued from Part Two For whatever reason, the brutal murders of Enoch Sperry and Ichabod Umberfield never got the media coverage that Justus Matthew's murder did. Presumably the exorcism-related killing of a man by a group of cultists was considered... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2017 at Providentia
Eye movements bring new information into our visual system. The selection of each fixation is the result of a complex interplay of image features, task goals, and biases in motor control and perception. To what extent are we aware of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2017 at Providentia
A U.K. academic who is a leading authority on "real-life" vampires is facing an investigation following allegations that he had licked up a student's blood after she cut herself in one of his classes. Dr Emyr Williams, a Senior Lecturer... Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2017 at Providentia
I will be away for a few days while I am in Potsdam, Germany attending the Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology. It will be a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with Berlin and Potsdam as well as... Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2017 at Providentia
There is no wrong time to do the right thing. Charles M. Blow Is there a right age to get married or to begin a long-term relationship? A new research article published in the Journal of Family Psychology explores this... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2017 at Providentia
Since I'm away this weekend, I had to delay my third installment in the Rhoda and the Antichrist series until next week. In the meantime, here is an interesting new study that has just come out. Given that post-traumatic headache... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2017 at Providentia
A new study published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis evaluated the effectiveness of awareness training for the reduction of three nervous habits that manifest during public speaking: filled pauses, tongue clicks, and inappropriate use of the word “like.”... Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2017 at Providentia
A woman from Cheshire, England is current facing a police investigation over allegedly using a popular bleach product in enemas to "cure" her son's autism. The woman, a mother of three, is part of a closed Facebook group titled "CD... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2017 at Providentia
Continued from Part One The presence of Rhoda Wakeman and her Wakemanites may have been virtually unkown outside of the New Haven prior to 1855, but that all changed with news of Justus Washington Matthews' brutal murder. Revelations about the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2017 at Providentia
Legislative actions like HB2 and the discriminatory policy in Gloucester County, Virginia have powerful effects which reach far beyond those who are specifically targeted by their verbiage. As a new article in the High School Journal points out, these policies... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2017 at Providentia
On April 6, 2016, Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez woke up with severe pain in her back and went to the communal outhouse. After losing nearly two liters of blood, her mother took her to hospital for treatment. As she was recovering,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2017 at Providentia
The truth may be out there but lies are in your head. Terry Pratchett What makes conspiracy theories so appealing? Whether we are talking about bout 9/11 being an inside job, the moon landings being faked, JFK's assassination being ordered... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2017 at Providentia
On December 24, 1855, a 37-year-old factory worker named Justus Washington Matthews, believing himself to be possessed by an evil spirit, agreed to have the spirit driven out of him by members of the religious sect to which he belonged.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2017 at Providentia
To assess the association of probiotics with depression, a large population-based cross-sectional study was conducted. The study results, which were recently published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, used National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey adult participants from... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2017 at Providentia
Police continue to investigate after two people jumped to their deaths from a Manhattan office building at 5:45 am on July 28. The couple was identified as 53-year-old Glenn Scarpelli and his 50-year-old wife Patricia Colant. Scarpelli was a well-known... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2017 at Providentia