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The problem is he's already been called several times, and he's said no several times... At the end of the day, I don't want guys wearing the US shirt because it was their fallback option. I want players who take pride in representing the US on the field. They will take us farther than prima donnas any day.
As far as "struggling to qualify" I think it's obvious that we've not been at our best. We're in a 3 way tie with 7 points, and +2 GD. There's not much room for error going into the final games. Realistically, we need a win and a draw (or better) to move on. Compare that to Mexico, who is traditionally considered to be the other "lock" to qualify from CONCACAF, sitting on 12 points, with a +6 GD. They have already qualified, and we will go down to the very last game before we know for certain. In that context, yes we are struggling to qualify. As for the Jurgen vs Jozy argument, neither of them are doing much to earn my support and respect at the moment...
Great penalty. I'd love to see all this scoring for Alkmaar translate into some goals for the USMNT...
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Sep 27, 2012