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Get rid of or modify teacher unions who harbor bad/disgruntled/ineffective teachers. We should also give parents tax vouchers in order to be able to apply those funds to the school of their choosing, both public and private. Teacher pay/benefits/bonuses/job security should be based on a combination of performance reviews, peer reviews, test scores, seniority and observations in order to get rid of rediculous pay schedules and job security that only looks at how long a teacher has been teaching. There is no corellation between an old teacher and a good teacher. Not to mention that newer teachers usually have the latest teaching techniques, technology and behavior management skills due to the ever increasing standards new teachers must acquire. Of course, this is all assuming no responsibility from the parents. In all reality, dropout rates would dramatically decrease if there were parents at home who took control of their children and instilled in them the idea that laziness/giving up/poor performance/dropping out were not an option. That problem is a whole other topic... that can only be answered with more self responsibility.
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Mar 16, 2010