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Ryan McGreevy
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@ Wouter I can't seem to find the articles right now (either form tom's hardware or anandtech) but benchmarks for z68 ssd caching are not very promising. You really only benefit from reads (writes happen at hdd speed) and even then not as often as you would hope. It's still much more worth it, especially to a poweruser to just get a big sdd. @ Courtney Not all mobo's/cpu's support triple channel. I think, but I could be wrong, x58 based (lga 1366) mobos are the only ones. Triple channel memory was targeted towards xeons and high end i7's. I don't even think any sandy bridge processors support it.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Building a PC, Part VII: Rebooting at Coding Horror
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Jul 19, 2011