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Ryan Reichert
Portland, OR
MIM Student, Social Media and Marketing Craftsman, Managing Editor
Interests: wine, global marketing, writing, food, veganism, travel, social media, digital marketing
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Quite possibly one of my favorite things, too. Given, I don't eat cheese anymore, but still ... fond memories of only being able to afford bread, fruit, and cheese while traveling around Europe, and not caring one bit. Simple pleasures—and their own levels of complexity—are too often overlooked in life.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2012 on Un Petit Repas at Maker’s Table
Evan - Ohio does actually make some good wines. I think the state is often lumped into those "sweet swill" producing states, and I think producers that import so much fruit are doing the state and drinkers a diservice. If people want a cabernet from California, there are plenty of $10 bottles. Why would anyone pay more for something made from grapes flown across the country? Bewildering. Consumers have the right to enjoy these warm weather varieties (and as a previous person mentioned the guys in/around Cincy including Kinkead have better luck with these.) Northern Ohio wine makers should focus more on the things the area does best - dry riesling, cabernet franc, pinot gris, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir! The sweet wines (concord, niagara, catawba) are the backbone of the state's industry, but I was pleased to leave the state knowing that many growers were moving towards other European varieties. If you get the chance I'd recommend Laurello, Harpersfield, and St. Joseph in the Grand River Valley AVA. Cheers!
Bravo - love to see fellow sparkling wine advocates talking about and clarifying the differences between Champagne and other bubbles. There are so many great values. Just for the sake of Mme. Cliquot, I pray no one opens a bottle like in that image! Cheers and happy new year!
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2009 on Know your bubbles at Drink Eat Love
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Dec 27, 2009