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I used to be an instructional designer but have decided to pursue an academic career instead. I live in an RV with my five cats. (Almost a crazy cat lady but not quite!)
Interests: <p><b>Fon's Interests:</b></p> <p> * Painting: watercolor and drawing, especially portraits </p>* <a href="">Huck towel embroidery</a> (an almost lost art) <p>* Using gumballs and pine cones for Christmas decorations</p> <p>* Interior design (when I have an interior <i>to</i> design)</p> <p>* Fashion design (I do rough sketches but need a trained fashion drawer to turn them into "the real deal")</p> <p>* Animals--companion and others (with 11 former strays, I should think so! See them in my photo album of <a href="">"The Kids"</a></p> <p>* Human growth and development</p> <p>* Color theory, personality theory (especially the <a href="">Myers-Briggs Type Indicator</a>), and color pesonality theory (I designed an instrument I'll put online, eventually)</p> <p>* Emotional health and <a href="">self-actualization</a></p> <p>* Internet trends and technologies</p> <p>* Internet marketing, goal setting, and success</p> <p>* New Age music and writing music of various genres</p> <p>* Spirituality and religious thought</p> <p>* Hawaii (See my new site on <a href="">Hawaii) </a></p> <p>* French and France</p> <p>* The Eastern Shore of Maryland</p> <p>* Multimedia design, development, and technologies</p> <p>* Learning theory and human cognition</p> <p>* Graphic design and Photoshop</p> <p>* Photography and videography </p> <p>* Technolgoy-delivered instruction (aka, instructional design), user interface design, and usability for computer screens</p> <p>* Digital narration (how to combine linear fiction (primarily DVD) and non-fiction interactive multimedia</p> <p>* Screenwriting and filmmaking</p>