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"But please, please also join us in attacking the far more pernicious problem of lobbyist money subtly corrupting our government." While I'm not a fan of "corruption", I don't see how this can be done without limiting the money that any individual can contribute to the political process. So much political speech has been limited in the name of "fighting corruption", just as internet speech could potentially be limited in the name of "fighting piracy". I hate SOPA/PIPA too, but many of those protesting it have no issues with the limit of political speech. Concerning internet censorship, many people have (rightly) appealed to higher ideals of free speech. Maybe because it would affect their internet experience. They don't do so when it could influence a political outcome in a way they do not like.
I was about to blog about Chrome's terrible address bar search, where if I type in a word, it only looks at url terms in my history, and not the web page title (unlike Firefox, Safari, or most other browsers). I was about to take a screenshot demonstrating my point, only to find out it had been fixed.
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May 31, 2011