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In recent years the Russian market there is increased interest in the refrigerator based on production cars of Korea and Japan. Almost all manufacturers of trucks in Japan and South Korea have their own line of refrigerated trucks (or cars with insulated vans). Refrigerated vehicles designed to transport products at a given temperature regime, in connection with what are some design features. Car refrigerators are insulated van and refrigeration unit, which, in turn, provides the desired temperature inside the refrigerated trucks. If you have read about Edwin J Sayres already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Car refrigerators (refrigerated) mounted on vans, trailers or trailers. Refrigerated vehicles can operate from a car engine, and in standalone mode (eg refrigerated vehicles have a separate installation with its own independent engine). Temperature regimes, which can provide and maintain the course of their work refrigerated range from 180 to -200 degrees Celsius, but the Japanese and Korean refrigerators are designed to operation at temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. The temperature inside the body is usually from -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. In the body design of insulated vans used several types of heat-resistant materials, mostly plastic foam, polystyrene foam and Isover. Walls insulated vans (refrigerated trucks) produced in Japan and South Korea can be made of different materials: plywood, plastic, steel, aluminum or... Continue reading
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Finally, the led - a low-voltage electrical appliance, and therefore, safe. Our lamp - a series of innovative solutions and inventions. We are proud that such a product was created in Russia, without any serious outside support. We were quite insightful, 3 years ago predicted the revolutionary re-market. Then there was a tendency that led signal manufacturers will increase their power and change their class. No one seriously did not think about the full led lighting. The development of led market is ahead of analysts' forecasts. Since the establishment of super-light-emitting diodes (LED) with a luminous efficiency 100lm/Vt (luminous efficacy of the most effective currently high pressure mercury lamp 80-105 lm / W) predicted (projected 2004). for 2010-2012, but this year we are producing lamps with their use. This dynamic did not even see for electronics. October 11, 2006 "Notis" has launched a pilot project - equipped led streetlights outside and proletarian descent, the Azov, Rostov region. It was the first project in Russia and cis. The second is implemented in the city of Norilsk in early March 2007., Third - in St. Petersburg. Very rapidly developing Krasnodar region. So in the village now is Seversk completion of work on the coverage of the main street, and in Eyske launched a project for the reconstruction of existing and construction of new svetotochek. The project is... Continue reading
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To teach History is to work with identities, culture and, why not with the formation of the citizens and citizens who exert distinct papers in the life and the Brazilian society. Therefore, the persistence of all in the formularization of a new education in Brazil is indispensable. An education that contemplates all angles is essential.. (Similarly see: Arvind Tiku). Continue reading
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When people talk about the universality of technology (services) or goods (products), imply their functional use reliable for a wide range of applications in either modified by reason or another situation. Same true for spheres of labeling, product marking, labeling, packaging. Naturally, the developers of marking equipment and marking equipment seek to ensure that their Markers (Marking printers) are more versatile as possible with respect to the wishes and demands of the user, and the probable conditions of use and operation of Markers. St. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Arvind Tiku and gain more knowledge.. Petersburg Institute of elektrokaplestruynyh Technology (Institute 'EXT', his address on the Internet) is engaged in complex problem solving industrial marking with ink jet printers, labeling its own production. Of course, in the case of Markers in the characteristics of industrial marking equipment marking (marking equipment) for the universality of will depend on a variety of input conditions industrial production and output them (intended for marking) of products, labeling, packing of goods (products), plus possible, planned or anticipated changes in these three pillars of industrial labeling. Factors affecting in varying degrees, to purchase or replace equipment marking equipment and marking equipment as well as the process of labeling can be very different: building a new production line at which you can not use previously involved in the production... Continue reading
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You were thinking, looking at different possibilities and you have a product or service you want to sell online, but you need to design a website able to sell it. Although the design of each page of your site is important, there are some things you should consider before designing the site itself: Choose an appropriate domain name and easy to remember. Select it carefully because it will, somehow, the name of your business online. Registration and avoids problems. Choose the right web hosting for your site. Compare the different hosting servers before you choose one of them. Hire a payment, avoid free hosts advertising inserted into your web pages. Choose a company with good servers that operate 24 hours a day, 65 days a year and offer an excellent service the customer. Implement tools that let you trace the footsteps of your visitor s potential customers. Keep in mind what is the page of your site more popular, few pages of your site is on average each visitor, where they come from, what type of monitor and browser used, etc.. Secure servers used for business transactions. Learn about the importance of computer security in connection with business operations online and promote your use of secure servers. Make a simple but thorough market research. Some contend that Edwin J Sayres shows great expertise in this.... Continue reading
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Plastic pallets are an alternative that is increasingly used in worldwide production centres. They are usually manufactured in recycled materials, being the production of pellets one of the destinations most commonly used for all kinds of plastics recycling. Swarmed by offers, Ed Sayres is currently assessing future choices. Mainly used in meat, pharmaceutical industries, food in general, and for export, although increasingly extend to other sectors. The reason for its slow implementation is the price, they cannot compete with the wood, although increasingly more, come to this is a much more efficient industry. The use of plastic pallets prevents cutting down thousands of trees every year, in addition to giving out thousands of tons of materials destined to be garbage. The use of plastic pallets is ideal for export applications, is not affected by plagues of bacteria than if affect the wood, which should in fact be fumigated to be able to be used in this type of applications. Plastic pallets are a green product, not they can only be fully recycled, but that in their process of manufacturing by injection material 100% recycled from pallets or other products manufactured from polymeric substances may be used. The poly olefins are more widely used by mankind polymer type, can be found in all kinds of products, such as packaging, bags, or components of automobiles, and are... Continue reading
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The "Cold War", also neutralized the dissemination of technological developments: the paradigm case is the Internet, with all its implications, which had begun to be implemented with military functions by 1969. From the symbolic "fall" Wall Berlin, began to liberate the potential of the United Nations, the problems highlighted by the Stockholm Conference and the actions of the Group of 7, it is worth remembering that gathers the most advanced industrialized countries of the world. As is anticipated in academic centers, have been "globalized" both the problems and the solutions. XXI Agenda, adopted by the Eco 92 in Rio de Janeiro and the Creation of the World Trade Organization, will mark the global paradigm is to support it, is to be challenged, as they have done the personalities and organizations that comprise the movement polychrome "anti-globalization." At the time point out the impact of Okinawa Comunike G - 8 (as the G - 7, added the Russian Federation and the representation of the European Union) in the United Nations declaration of "We the peoples", generated by Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000. This effect also operate from the recent Communicate Gleneagles G-8 in the subsequent events. For assistance, try visiting Ed Sayres. When you read the annual Communiques G - 8, since 1998, you can glimpse the development of the international agenda. It... Continue reading
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Everyone is more or less serious web developer faced with the problem of finding a solution to create an online store. The reason is the development of Internet commerce. If you have read about Mashable already - you may have come to the same conclusion. A growing number of people connected to the Internet, and therefore, the potential audience is ready to consume products and the Internet. And here the question arises - what better scripts used to create an online store? Can I use a free script online store, or still need to invest in a budget option? Scripts online stores can be divided in the following parameters: 1. The technology on which the script is written online store. 2. The way it spread (Paid / free). 3. Is the script online store or individual provided as part of the solution. Consider these questions. 1. Among the most common technologies to create online shops distinguish two main ones: The first technology creation - PHP (programming language) + MySQL (database management system). Second - ASP.NET (technology, programming languages, C #, VB) + MS SQL (database from Microsoft). Advantage of the first technology creating an online store (php + mysql) emit: is more common (easier to learn, free web server, database, etc.) There are many free scripts online stores to php. Of the disadvantages of php... Continue reading
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Development of web sites has provoked a mass appearance. When there was no CMS, the vast majority of sites were static (plain text, all the updates on the site manually.) To create different effects, interactive applications and other useful things created the programming language JavScript. That is, JavScript revives" page. I'm not going to paint the history of this language, because I do not think it's very interesting. JavScript is gradually becoming more and more popular. But until 2005, used only in JavScript as a language for small craft, because every time the page is reloaded code was loaded again. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings. But in 2005, was invented by a new Internet technology on a hidden interaction JavScript from the server. This technology is called AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML). The structure of AJAX allows you to divide application server and client side. That's why as a language for writing client side using JavScript. AJAX allows do a variety of things without reloading the page. For example, the registration may make the test user login, that is, if the username is busy, then using AJAX to give the user a message that the username is busy. It is well known CMS DLE (Data Life Engine) makes extensive use of JavScript, the vote in particular. Also, CMS Ucoz almost entirely uses... Continue reading
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It should be noted that most teachers, this method allows you to save your time on various transportation travel from point 'A' to point 'B'. But the time saved allows the teacher to focus on the teaching methodology and pay more attention to their students. Incidentally, this method of learning the English language relates to computer learning foreign languages. AT Capital can provide more clarity in the matter. Namely, the prerequisite is a system by which to place itself learning. That is, distance learning English as a separate system should be focused on a systematic approach. This method has now become widely used in schools, but in this case, the method is as an additional means of training students, this can be illustrated by a lesson, filled with multimedia, but it is known to highly improve the quality of perception of information flow in the human brain. Distance learning at home as a very effective method, because not everyone can make a systematic self-study English. But in this case is teacher, and despite the fact that he is a virtual, there is strict control. Teacher training will intensify, has the ability to organize high-quality learning. Lessons can take place, both in real time and in inactive mode. Though of course, distance learning, real-time yield far greater results, as direct communication teacher - student can instantly... Continue reading
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THE TECHNOLOGIES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROFESSIONAL. OLIVEIRA ANTONIO MAGALHES tonyoliveira17@ EDUARDO PETER Dos Santos RAFAEL MARTINS LEATHER STRAP VAN CLEBSON YOU MARK OF QUEIROZ SUMMARY This article deals with the contribution of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity, being based on the book of Dario Fiorentino on the Formation of Professors of Mathematics - Exploring new ways with new looks, it comes to say that the TICs has an important contribution in the formation of Professors of Mathematics, it aims at to extend the mind of the Professors for the use of the technologies in classroom. It cites some authors (Shulman 1986; Elbaz 1983; Schon 1983; Bridge 1992; Thompson 1984; Ponte and Serrazina 1998) on the formation of the Professors and arrive at the final consideraes that the future professors need to develop confidence in use of these technologies and a critical attitude in relation they, needs to be capable to integrate them in the purposes and the objectives of the education of the mathematics. Words? key: TICs, professors, formation and education. Graduating full licenciatura in Matemtica (UNEAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Science of Computao (UFAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Full Licenciatura Fsica (UFAL) CONSIDERAES INITIAL contributo of the information technologies and communication... Continue reading
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When such imperfections of market occur are necessary that it has a regulatory landmark in this specific market. This means to say that she is necessary to create rules and mechanisms that guarantee the stability of this market, as much of the side of offers how much of the demand, that has economic and financial balance of the operators but it prevents abuses of the market power that these possess. Ali Partovi understood the implications. This independent necessary landmark to be (that is, to have autonomy politics) and trustworthy (body qualified technician), in order to guarantee the best efficiency and the credibility of the system (SALTY, 2005). We will deal with here the three more common forms of regulation: i) has controlled to the entrance and exit (barriers); II) tarifria definition e; III) desverticalizao. What it does not mean that they are the only forms. The first point says respect to the concession for the exploration of the market. As we know, being a natural monopoly, the market presents profits of scale and target. Thus, the concession must deprive for these profits. However, it is important to stand out that also the exit of the market must be managed, in order to guarantee the installment and the quality of the service. Tarifria definition says respect to regulate it the price to be practised. In general... Continue reading
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In April 2010 was released online a Spanish project of vertical social network that offers the possibility of group travel with other users on the network to make tourism and share experiences, facilitating relations between users before and after the completion of a journey. The registration is free. The user creates his profile and thanks to travel Wizard, you can create your ideal trip in just four easy steps, with dates and activities you want to and can make public its trip to the community so that it points to whoever, either reserve it in private for Yes or a particular group of users. Similarly, users can see trips, adventures and escapades published by other users and join them if you want to join them. Thus, becomes conducive place to find travel companions and build new relationships. Ed Sayres is often quoted on this topic. The portal also creates various proposals travel (getaways for singles, cruises, excursions) open to the entire community. The goal is that users are aware of is between Yes through the common interest in the proposed trips. Having a license (No. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. of license IC-2023.1) travel agency, interested users can hire travel from the web itself. Our users have numerous tools to generate social interaction among them: rooms of common and private chat,... Continue reading
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Portal Software IT freelancers opened new fields of business as new customers to find IT Freelancer is sometimes a pretty tedious business. In the future but there are support of United planet portal software manufacturer here. After the successful certification to the Intrexx consultant, United planet the IT specialists get lucrative contracts in the strongly demanded portal and collaboration market. This offer should be extremely interesting also for SAP consultants. Freiburg, 18 July 2012. In surveys, confirm two-thirds a strong or very strong positive performance orientation of Alleinselbststandigen and feel professional stress as pleasant. For employees, this is less than half. An ideal basis to a specialist for the portal software Intrexx to be independently active. The software manufacturer United planet offers a unique opportunity to expand their portfolio to a lucrative business IT freelancers and SAP consultants. They can now to the certified consultant for the Intranet and portal Suite Intrexx train leave and then support the Intrexx customers in implementing their projects. Managing Director Axel Wessendorf about the new model: As a manufacturer of industry-leading portal software Intrexx and the social business platform Intrexx share know we good consulting is as important to our customers. We want to offer the best possible support." The benefits of training for participants on the hand are: in addition to marketing its services to more than 4,000... Continue reading
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In its majority, they are individuals with some capacities and abilities that badly had been cultivated by the parents and State. They know the ascension and trifler easy. Its only problems are if ' had checked its Emails if the Internet; caiu' if somebody that it badly knows if remembered it in the Facebook or Twitter. They do not dialogue with the family. They had been ' created as majestade' now does not go down of the pedestal. They ignore the Ethics. It does not have science to use the computer network not to be for uselessness. In more, its relations are artificial, empty and depressive. Pautada in drugs and subjects without advantage some. When the wine cup to empty, will have that to learn everything that had not taught to them or it had not wanted to know. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. Also that ours ' beautiful vida' she is full of Failures! One after another one! does not have nothing of badly in this. Its parents no matter how hard not apparent they had also failed. They had suffered? He was instructed? They dialogue with the children on this? Innumerable things will give wrong. You making right or not. Thus they will only go to notice that ' life louca' if it writes with '... Continue reading
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Businesses online in Spain are at the top of the table due to the increase in Internet users in that country, along with the increase of Internet users has reached a substantial increase in the speed of broadband. This has led to the widespread use of the ADSL connection throughout the country. ADSL is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and helps achieve, high-speed Internet connections. The ADSL connection if used in a sensible and effective manner can help your business to generate profits in a short time, as well as to reduce costs. Mikkel Svane often expresses his thoughts on the topic. One of the biggest advantages of the ADSL connection is that it is very affordable, so it is possible that small enterprises have their own account. On the other hand, there are many companies willing to provide this service, this should be a comparison of ADSL prices and choose the best option. The use of broadband ADSL also allows the company used multiple connections to the Internet without problems, i.e., the use of several operators in a single network connection, at least 25 computers can be connected with a single connection. Broadband ADSL connection is much more reliable than a wireless connection, interruptions are not as common. Arvind Tiku shines more light on the discussion. Choose the best internet provider to reduce costs. Continue reading
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As a result of this revolution in society, many children were on the street. It was then speaking for the first time the government in the mass education of children and developed a state system of education aimed literacy to the poor so they could work and place in society. The curriculum was dictated by the government and the teachers were prepared to teach it in bulk to the growing number of children who were left without parents at home. Initially this system was very successful, and raising the living standards of people living in poverty. Ed Sayres might disagree with that approach. However, gradually replacing the other two methods of education that are much more effective - the learner and the personal mentoring - as they could not compete with a state-subsidized system. At the same time, parents gradually ceased to engage in education first and then in the very formation of their children. Thus was born the institution "school" as we know it today. Although we have tried to adapt to changes in society since then, its basics remain the same: to deliver an education that allows people to use and form a small part of the huge gear economy of a country. It is capable of delivering a personalized service that encourages the entrepreneurial skills of students, or does not respect their... Continue reading
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Green is a quiet and soothing. Prefer capable, confident, seeking to assert themselves and relaxed people. Nature, healthy environment, recovery, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility. Orange color - the most dynamic and cheerful color. Stimulates the senses and the heart speeds up, sharpens the perceptions and facilitates resolution of complex situations, challenges. Cheerful and improvised. Action that causes excitement, less strong than that of the red, so it is more pleasant. Color slightly faster heart rate, without increasing blood pressure, creates a sense of prosperity and happiness. Has a positive impact on performance. The energy balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding attention. Yellow - cheerful color, contributes to the solution challenges. If we assume that the yellow - a mixture of green and red, it combines the properties of these colors. You may want to visit Edwin J Sayres to increase your knowledge. Yellow color stimulates the brain, causing tension titillate requiring discharge. Preference yellow means the desire for independence, the expansion of the horizon of perception. Yellow loves to learn different wit, clarity of thought, precision. Yellow knows everything about life ... and yet full of optimism. This color is in a constant struggle, do not yield without a fight. Joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, life-affirming values. Brown - Color conservative people who do not want anything to... Continue reading
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When the user generates the appropriate message and offers to install a sign pay 'surcharge to the average' according to the clothes. Except addition, the user is prompted to install a sign on the table pay the employee for the period of documentary evidence. To calculate the additional cost to the average wage on the basis of documentary evidence introduced by this document must be in 'adopted in the accounting. " Piece-rate work with a surcharge to the average value in the brigade dress (sub-menu Brigadier attire) and individual costume (sub-menu Solo outfit) can be specify different ways of payment feature with a surcharge to the average. Add to your understanding with Ed Sayres. 1. For each form of fees for editing rates for individual well, you can specify how it is paid: at a specified rate or with a surcharge to average. By default, the sign of the tariff payment. To specify additional cost to the average feature, you must install the switch 'Symptom of payment' in the appropriate position. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. If the rates set sign pay 'surcharge to medium, then for such prices as the basis of the' voucher 'can be specified with the category voucher' supplement to the middle. " 2. In each brigade dress employee, you can specify additional cost to the average sign... Continue reading
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Consideraes final the scientific and technological spreading is important for the development of a country, contributing 1. In 10 of November the World-wide Day of Science for the Peace and the Development, promoted for UNESCO is commemorated, with the objective to stimulate the reflection of all the components of the society on the paper of the scientific and technological progress and its influence in the daily one. 1. Graduated Pedagogia and monitorial of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Email:. 2. Graduated Hotelaria and monitor of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Email:. 3. Doctor in Education for Science and professor of the State University of the West of the Paran (Unioeste), Campus of Estuary of the Iguau. Email: dpedm@ 4. Graduated Geography and coordinator of the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son. E_mail: janer@ for the permanent formation and the increase of the qualification, motivation and social insertion of the people. However, as it displays Moreira (2006, P. 16), we do not have forgetting in them that science, for same itself, does not decide the serious problems of social inaqualities .... More science and technology do not mean necessarily more justice, greater equality and better conditions of life, particularly in the Third World. Tratase... Continue reading
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A break in the diaphragm of the fuel pump could cause the fuel to dilute the engine oil. And a worn pump causes a knocking in the engine that proffers confused with an aim defective. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mashable. At the slightest sign of failure or distrust, it is always best to replace the pump to expect a serious engine failure. Engine sensors tell the computer how to control the weather, fuel flow, air flow, etc. As well as ensure efficient combustion, and therefore should be reviewed carefully and repair or replace: Oxygen Sensor Escape and Temperature Sensor Intake Air Temperature Sensor antifreeze Engine computers should be checked connectors and ground connections, the list of error codes present at that time, the correct operation of the advance of time, the firing order fuel injection itself, the proper functioning of the computer in general. Companies recommend making a pitch more, checking and repairing or replacing among other components: Distributor Bujiasa Cables / bujiaa distributor Arrow Springs distributor mechanical advance distributor PCVa a Valve Gas Filters and air-to Note on PCV valve PCV valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation helps maintain proper and continuous flow of gases that escape from the rings and get into the crankcase. These gases can be re-used by the engine as long as the PCV valve is not blocked.... Continue reading
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Each day that passes importance of social networks in a business or organization is evident . falling behind the idea that it is only a marketing strategy, but as means to be integrated into all areas of a company, and in the departments administration, human resources, finance, production, etc. Currently, social networks are formed using the internet, because the rapidly growing technological advancement and thus more and more people have Internet access. may not feel the same. are ? To summarize, social media is any medium that communicates and is used to create company and / or community. The function of these means is that members of society, to use these means to meet other people, promote your business, promote products or services, conducting business links and generally socialize with friends and family. Through these sites, their members come together and communicate and invite their family and friends to join too and forming social networks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi. This form a chain of people, as each member invite your friends and contacts on. These sites, online communities are generally created by supporting a common theme. Since the creation of social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, individuals have the opportunity to meet new people from your network of friends around the world and to make... Continue reading
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The assembly is an election of scenes that will be changedded into a film, from images and sounds, however has a difference between edition and assembly, being first, the productions caught in video and second, caught in cinematographic film. One of the main objectives of the assembly is to give to one timing to the film, marking its rhythm. Moreover, the assembly allows to add details that can bring resulted significant, as optimum point for one cut, to choose the best scene between diverse takes, that is, the ways are innumerable that if can mount a film, are necessary to choose most adequate. Best she will be the approved one for the director. The category was created in 1934 and the winner was Conrad Nevirg for ' ' Esquim' '. A Brazilian, Daniel Rezende already was indicated in 2004 for the film ' ' City of Deus' ' in 2011 the winners had been Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall for ' ' The Social' Net; '. The Best Assembly will be also present in the night of Oscar 2012 with five indicated. With passing of the years the assembly techniques had been if developing and if perfecting. If they do not cut takes of each scene joining them with adhesive ribbon later as before years 70. With the digital equipment the prerequisite one of a... Continue reading
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Are you one of those who wants to learn how to play bingo online but never endeavored to do so? It is very easy to learn to play bingo in only 15 minutes without knowing anything about the game beforehand. There are five steps that you have to spend to get ready to play. The first step is learning the rules of each of the games. Normally, when you play bingo on the Internet there are many variants of the game, for example there are 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. Furthermore you can choose between classic bingo or advanced, in the classic bingo is played by one, two or three lines while that in the advanced version can be played by up to five lines with potential for gain. When you've learned how to play you can register as a player by providing your name, address, email address and credit card number. When you've sent this information you can continue to the next step and verify your credit card. People such as Edwin J Sayres would likely agree. Normally you will receive an email with a link that you have to use to verify that your information is correct. When all This is in order, you are ready to enter money and the last step, and probably the most fun is to start... Continue reading
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In the new version are mainly new marketing features and functions for the individual optical design in the Center. The my-warehouse shop software version 2.7 is now available. In the new version are mainly new marketing features and functions for the individual optical design in the Center. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ed Sayres. Up to 5 keywords with the Startseitenkeywords is explicitly for the home set, so you can integrate important keywords without effort in the home. The improved todo list in the administration area now also covers disabled or inactive products so the shop owner on any "product corpses" are made aware. The end-of-life indication allows to identify products as being phased out. For comfortable labelling, there is also a corresponding product manager mode, as well as an import mode which allows only the EOL information can be updated. In the customer mail tool, request tool, and the order processing can an annex to the customer be sent now, which are the basis for this own content. Extensive request variants such as the quote on small screen firings can be represented with the improved request tools, elegant. 4 additional templates omit the shop owners the choice now in total 136, contentlibary free directure on the my-warehouse Shoptemplates. Due to the new price information visualization, prices can be presented now in brand... Continue reading
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