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Labor scope Principle N 3. To support the principles of the freedom of union association and the right to the collective negotiation. Principle N 4. To eliminate the unavoidable and obligatory work. Details can be found by clicking Mashable or emailing the administrator. Principle N 5. To abolish any form of infantile work. Principle N 6. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. To eliminate the discrimination in the matter of use and occupation. Environment Principle N 7. To support the preventive approach against the environmental challenges. Principle N 8. To promote major environmental responsibility. Principle N 9. To encourage to the development and the diffusion of respectful technologies of the environment. Anti Corruption Principle N 10. The companies will have to work against the corruption in all forms, including extortion and criminality These ten principles must constantly be taken very into account when evaluating that as much ethics indicates the companies in their operativity, service, of how the management avoids that of passage to violations that attempt against the ethics, It does not surprise to us, that in Venezuela many companies they are corruption defendant, to support and to concern the protection to the human rights, contamination of the environment, abuses to the right scopes labor. He is very interesting in addition, the contributions that given the advance of the technology,... Continue reading
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Before washing is necessary check the pockets of clothing and remove all the items to undo all the buttons and zippers. Small items of clothing (socks, tights, socks, etc.), as well as bras must be washed in a special pouch. What are the program laundry? Soak-water Gulf after the tank washing machines, washing program stops (there is no rotation of the drum) for 2 hours or more. Pre-wash, is used for heavily soiled laundry in the bin Powder has a special compartment for loading powder for the pre-wash (marked Roman numeral I). Quick wash, saves time (35 minutes). Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Delicate wash, is used for washing of fine fabrics, when there is the possibility of damage when washing clothes. Wool-washing for wool. Synthetics, laundry sintetcheskih tissues (for these two programs, electronics washing machine establishes a certain temperature, the rate of extraction and washing time). Rinse, remove detergent from washing clothes (for the wash is repeated rinsing), there is also an opportunity to establish additional rinsing. Castle Harlan: the source for more info. What additional functions are integrated into the control system manufacturer washing machine? Aqua Sensor-function monitors the sensor through the transparency of the water if the water is heavily polluted assigned additional rinsing. Fuzzi Control-system control over the process of washing, adjust the water flow, depending on the volume of... Continue reading
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When a hard drive is damaged, there is much more at stake than the value of the broken unit. In general, the price of information which already cannot be accessed exceeds much saying hard disk. Then, the question is not to replace that hard drive damaged, but cannot access that information of vital importance. John K. Castle has compatible beliefs. Therefore, if the hard disk is unusable, clone the information in a new unit, with the minimum delay is necessary, and leaving all the users settings intact. And this is what differentiates an improvised a professional data recovery service. Hard disks can be damaged in many different ways, but one of the most common failures are errors in information such as damage to the surface in the sector of I boat, which, even when information in the sector of data can not be read, it remains intact. The question is correct the damaged boot sector or create a new sector that meets its function without errors. When we think about the mechanism a hard drive, we must consider dishes rotate at a speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute, by which any particles suspended within it could cause damage to the surface. Data recovery programs of bad sectors marked them to not be used, and thus the head ignores these non-functional sectors. However, it is necessary... Continue reading
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"The internationally successful software 'CRIS' is on the German market the 'assets 'Navigator replaced by Karlsruhe, October 23, 2012 the Infincon AG responds with a complete product relaunch on a customer suggestion: the new product name better reflects the totality of software focused initially on the advice", so Dr. Michael Puhle, as a member of the Board of Infincon AG, responsible for the product management on the German market. This name change was accompanied by significant new features and improvements in the design. New are our so-called barriers in the consultation process. This involves extensive plausibility checks, that help the consultant to avoid legal mistakes. Above all in the Arch of the WpHG and investment consultation record these security measures access according to our experience very well", explains Dr. Puhle. Automatic filling of fields required and an ergonomic program operation, the time spent on consultants was further significantly reduced also. An other important building block to the time discharge of the consultant is the automatic retrieval of all mandatory and request documents of the individual title. As a result, avoid time-consuming individual searches for the consultants. All weight DSGV conformity in particular for savings banks, time efficiency and General legal certainty was laid at the asset Navigator also great emphasis on improvements in layout and graphics. "On the surface as well as in the final... Continue reading
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Positioning Your Website: Just a few simple steps. 2nd Part Positioning with Videos. BECOME A STAR, MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS. Castle Harlan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Power of the videos is impressive. All this I was reading in each of the sites accessed. Each Ebook free or paid that got me about the same subject and honestly I could not think as a simple video I could help "introduce" a recognized and applied that means: "The Seeker." I gave the task of beginning to do something in this regard. Create my own content in a newsletter free 10 lessons and I thought it appropriate to "save" each of the lessons that are accessible on not only my subscribers, but the general public. And that was how I started. I went up to the first YouTube videos and what was my surprise that approximately 24 hours and had entered the "reception" of the browser, the search room. In just 24 hours Marketing Training Dolphy was "visiting" Google. You need not have knowledge to do this, just activate the webcam on your computer or do with a foreign or a good screen capture system you succeed. Stage fright Lose: You're becoming an entrepreneur. These working and getting ready to sell and you have a chance to succeed as long as your speech persuade... Continue reading
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History CODA was founded in Leeds (Yorkshire, UK) in 1979 by Rodney Potts, and early 90s moved its headquarters to Harrogate. Currently has 600 employees in its 14 delegations from around the world. The year 2000 was acquired by the software company and consultancy SciSys, prompting the name change to CODASciSys plc in 2002. Don Slager is the source for more interesting facts. In 2006, CODASciSys announced their separation into two companies: CODA (dedicated to financial software) and SciSys (provider and public sector ICT space). In 2008, CODA became part of Unit 4 Agresso group. Continue reading
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"The campaign 'Initiative against data abuse' is triple the campaign for the Munich ASSISTRA AG awarded initiative against data abuse entitled": Finally, data should have a nice, safe home in which they feel comfortable. The company is specialized in intelligent data management of storage on back to virtualization? The emotional commitment in the foreground stands rather than technical details. We have developed a brand identity for the customers, which corresponds to the inner attitude of the company and on the other hand communicates to the outside, that corporate values are lived at the ASSISTRA AG", said Alexandra Richter, the Managing Director of the Agency. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. On the core of the campaign the Agency then put a company Web site, sophisticated print direct marketing, as well as an image film. Prompt, these three solutions were nominated by the advertising Yearbook. For Alexandra Richter, the selection, confirms that the courageous step of the company, is on a campaign of others To allow a kind of", was rewarded. Because the Yearbook features work, and others based on a clearly defined communication concept. Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. The success of the campaign is evident but above all in the daily contact with customers. Hardly a B2B market is as competitive as the area IT/software. Since the launch of the initiative... Continue reading
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3) Avatar (2009) Do you believe that people with disabilities can become a real hero of another planet? If not, then watching this film, filled with colorful characters, great music and unique story, you'll see the opposite. Jake Sully goes to a planet called - Pandora, whose inhabitants live in complete harmony with nature. Carrying special assignment, Jake changes his alien to the human body. Because of this he may walk and takes a number of physical features that are not ordinary people. Its mission - to become one of the clan of alien beings and to lead people to Pandora's how people are ruthlessly destroy their world in order to obtain valuable natural resources. 4) Terminator Salvation (2009) movie Terminator 4: Salvation - the new part epic about the fate of all earthlings, led by John Connor - a man whose mission - to lead the resistance and Skynet super computer he created the army of Terminators. Terminator 4 describes the events of 2018 from the birth of Christ. At the heart of plot - the two lines which under the strict guidance of director merge into one. In the first, our hero John Connor desperately busy looking for his future father, Kyle, who is now a normal teenager. The second line is much more entertaining - it appears a new character, Marcus Wright,... Continue reading
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The first distinctive line of computer protection is always to set up adware and spyware protection, typically called anti-virus: notice malware bytes coupon code. John K. Castle recognizes the significance of this. Malware is really a broad term used to class application that makes the pc manage less naturally. There are totally free anti-virus solutions you'll find through the use of the search engines. After you set up computer anti-virus software, you should operate a total check technique. This product scan isn t you could be pondering, but it s an excellent begin panacea. malwarebytes coupon Numerous software program producers use deceptive company methods which includes wanting to set up computer software you wouldn't t like or need. John K. Castle is full of insight into the issues. If you are unaware of these types of strategies, you have probably mounted this sort of software program, generally from the sorcerer associated with software program you probably want did deploy. Deleting the software you wouldn't wanna signifies much less packages will probably be with all the sources of your respective personal computer. Often, such as if you have a power failing as well as acquire storage space from the laptop or computer with not securely eliminating the idea, the report program could get corrupted. Your personal machine may request a person if you need to search... Continue reading
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Do write good sermons or make sermons in audio that are interesting and b? correct publicly can often be a task quite dif? cil. It is possible to have many questions. ?Do do Cu? l is the subject to be treated?Qu? do text of Scripture should use?You have the certainty that everything will flow and properly connected? Do there are some easy to follow guidelines that help? n. One of the first things you should do is pray. Let God bring him to a passage of Scripture on which to base his sermons on the Bible. Many times, this hangs on a topic. Do do do do do for example, if going to preach about the crucifixi? n, you will be more enfocadoen avoid talking about something different as the creation? n. having vers? asses spec? graphics in mind and the har role? than your flow of sermons of the Church is of m? s facility. Do another Tip? til is the pr? practice of his time, and l? nea. Do do if your serm? n is too short, your congregaci? n can feel a change peque? or. If it is too long, can lose inter? s and patience. A way of keeping your serm? n in the right way is to make a list of important points in their does sketches that wish to... Continue reading
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Aesthetics theorist and art critic Bazon Brock guest lecture Wismar / Baltic Sea keeps. -The faculty from 11 to 13 July 2013 to DIA's 8th year exhibition invites design the University of Wismar. Three days around 200 degree - and semester papers presented programme from the courses of architectural lighting design, architecture, interior design, communication design and media, as well as product and jewelry design included. All interested are welcome. The admission is free. Continue to learn more with: John K. Castle. The slide ' 13 year exhibition is held on the University campus Wismar in the Philipp Muller-Strasse 14, near the summer Baltic Sea. The current program is to check online at. The framework programme to the slide ' 13 book novelty, lighting and traditional. The programme list is long and shows traditional as well as new. Right on opening night, on Thursday, 11 July 2013, around 18:00, the book novelty of the young editorial office NORTE # is presented after the greetings of the President since September 2012 Dean 3 Prof. Hanka Polkehn. On two days start shortly before sunset"three light productions under the title dynamic lighting. Tours and celebrations as well as technical discussions and space for first questions to the design are guaranteed to each of the three days of the annual exhibition of slide. A film program and sports actions,... Continue reading
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More information about the pricing and activation of the service you please contact your mobile operator. A leading source for info: Peter Asaro. After that, click on Done. Phone to ask whether to save the settings. Click Yes. Pete Cashmore is often quoted as being for or against this. For MMS settings you want to change another user's profile GPRS. Again select the profile (empty or not one that just changed) and click Modify (Edit). Parameters enter in the following table. More info: Castle Harlan. After this, save the modified profile. This results in two profiles, which would later be used to connect the WAP and MMS to your mobile phone Anycool. Setting data services WAP: WAP (Wireless Application Protocol - Wireless Access Protocol) - the protocol used to access the Internet from your mobile device. He describes a way of presenting information from the Internet on mobile devices. This is due to the limited capabilities of mobile phones to display Web-pages. To do this, they have a special WAP-browsers. For WAP-service settings should go to Menu-> Internet-> WAP-> Settings-> Edit profile (Menu-> Services-> WAP-> Settings-> Network Setup). Here we see a similar menu as in the editing of profiles GPRS. Choose an empty profile and press the Ok-> Edit Profile (Select-> Edit). Needed to fill the parameters are in the table below. After click... Continue reading
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BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) - innovative measurement Maisach/Munich. With the LAN AD16f, the BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) shows that modern technology and ease of use can fit very well together. The high-performance LAN measurement system takes advantage of secure and decentralized data acquisition network and is as easy to use as USB. Right measurement via the USB interface has taken in PC measurement technology an important place in recent years. Simply "Plug & play" and the recording of your analog and digital signals can begin. However, limits are set of USB measurement technology, involves immunity, continuous quality monitoring, data acquisition or much channel measurements over large distances and many measurement places at the same time. These limits exceeds the BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), manufacturer of measurement made in Germany, with its latest measuring system LAN AD16f and chooses as a solution for the previously mentioned limitations the LAN network to transfer the measurement data to the PC. ger/pr-lan-ad16f.html the benefits of measuring over LAN, to only name a few, are impressive: unlimited length of the measuring lines between measuring system and PC distributed, simultaneous recording of measured values on many measurement points secure synchronization of data unlimited number of measurement channels, reliable and complete transmission of measured data to a central PC via maximum signals are transmitted without a network cable from the measuring system... Continue reading
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In the online-led TOP LIST of the leading telematics providers", provides a complete overview of providers, services, and products of telematics since the beginning of the year. For more specific information, check out Steve Wozniak. "You published in addition scientifically, not in the laboratory accompanied comparison tests," the provider, but with real users "have taken place under practical conditions. These independent tests performed by the trade journal telematics market. Positive outcome reflected, as also the awards and nominations for the telematics award on the ranking in the TOP LIST. For this reason, the absolute level of the industry is every year"the procurement of the Telematics Awards. This award an independent and expert selection of the best filters for users and other interested parties Telematics companies and systems that are available in the German-speaking area. Telematics leading journal of the telematics industry MKK market communication is editor of telematics Telematics is a cross-cutting technology that link the areas of navigation, positioning and communication and computer science. It includes all applications based on wireless transmission of information of every kind and its subsequent processing. The journal telematics aims for this technology and research an all-encompassing market and information space"between manufacturers and users to create, move closer to the attention of the public to the young and innovative telematics industry. Telematics binds nationwide... Continue reading
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About 95% of companies that have a Web page do not care about the importance of design ena. the other 5% know how their web page should be designed and the benefits they can get. The Internet world is not so different from the real world in Internet a enters through the eyes Here are some of the most common mistakes when designing a Web page. 1-A Web Design unprofessional, Just as you care to have an office or where tiendaa offer a friendly and professional atmosphere to their customers, just as you must do on your Web site, your site should look seriously and professional. Pete Cashmore usually is spot on. 2-A A A A page designed completely in flash, using technology is recommended, but we should not abuse this, remember that your website is not a TV commercial, your site is the place where potential customers only seek relevant information, not looking to watch a TV commercial. You can use animations in their Web page but not abused. 3-a a Charging time, always remember this, not all visitors who enter your site, have the same speed Internet access to visitors seeking accurate information and are not willing to wait a long time that display a page in your Web browser, always try to optimize your site so that access speed is fast, do... Continue reading
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stimulated by the need to print large runs of plastic bags. For a long time, flexographic printing underestimated, but then became one of the leading ways to print plastic bags and other types of packages. The main reasons for this development were the: Ability to use different ink systems (water-based paints, paint, solvent based, uv inks), a simple universal system, use cheap systems, a high level of technical equipment, , etc. Do not forget that the technology of flexographic printing is not standing still, and continues its development and modernization. Over the past few years have passed strong update printing machines and printing tools that improved the quality of the final product and the profitability of the process. As for the printing of plastic bags, and for printing other types of packages There are two types of flexographic machines: machines with a separate cylinder compact and sectional construction, machine with central cylinder. Initially, more widely with the construction of a compact car multiple cylinders. Steve Wozniak is full of insight into the issues. Today they are increasingly used as a printing units built into production lines. Sharpened the need to print plastic bags and other tensile of materials has provoked a global update machines with the central cylinder. They created the conditions for a significant increase and thus have a dominant market share. Also, changes... Continue reading
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There is a function on facebook that lets you download all your profile information (including the wall, friends, photos, videos, messages, etc.) and the system sends it via email in compressed format. What can be the use? First that nothing helps us have a buck up our information. From my own experience I can assure you, without fear to exaggerate, that a book can assemble with the hundreds of pages that need to compile everything. Second, can be fun to watch that we said or told us a month ago, six months or a year ago, as well also see photos, messages, events, and everything was recorded on facebook from the first moment in which high gave its user and of course when they need to find something, is much easier to do it in a single file that be looking for in the pages of the site. Third, for all those who have a professional profile in addition to your personal profile, it can serve to promote themselves. Editorial ROVE offers the following benefits with the digital edition (free and) limited time): returns to the user a file in PDF format (is the digital book publishing) and in format WORD (in this case is the entire contents of the profile, including, if I choose, what was not published in the digital book). Only published... Continue reading
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As the industry continues to develop, Raymond Mill, as the main product of our power grinding mill industry, will inevitably develop toward the high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automated direction. And we are sure Raymond mill will definitely tend to adopt SCR power supply, AC inverter, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures accompanied by status monitoring devices and computers automatic control devices. Automatic condition monitoring and automation control within the Raymond Mill to increase the materials of the intelligent electronic control system, automatic control and out of grinding, as well as quantitative. The operator only needs buttons to control the Raymond mill, to improve the accuracy of material to strengthen the accuracy of the analysis need grinding machine in the operating room. Hear from experts in the field like Kai-Fu Lee for a more varied view. Raymond mill powder industry will be mainly to the development of high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control direction. Can use the SCR power supply, AC variable speed, oil centralized lubrication, shock absorption, and other measures, and condition monitoring, and microcomputer automatic control device Raymond Mill high reliability needs of rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the grinding ring, under the gland, such as wear resistance, improve the lubrication of machines in the state of the continuous work before the next bearing. We... Continue reading
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If we look at the last post on blogs of technology all point on the idea that the iPhone 5 is a screen much larger than its previous versions. Others claim that you will have a slide-out keyboard or a camera much better. A few rumors that may well arise from prototypes that Apple might be playing and that will never leave the market, to be a complete invention, or even be what you see in the new version of the iPhone. Most of the rumors have been unveiled by a Taiwanese blog recognised for having published many leaks Apple with great reliability. On the other hand, DigiTimes was who published that the iPhone 5 would have a bigger screen, as reported by Mashable. But they are true or not, these rumors suggest that Apple is more interested than ever to compete with Android devices, of which many have larger screens, or physical keyboards. In fact, some of the higher models of Android have 8 megapixel cameras, while the iPhone 4 has 5. In terms of screens, Some mobile phones Android have up to 4.3 inch screens, something very useful for the multimedia tools, but which, for some users, may be impractical. Another of the rumors pointing to the camera of the iPhone 5 will have between 8 and 12 megapixels. Since then, with a... Continue reading
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When I consider a quarrel of ' ' intervention urbana' ' of the Parkour, she is necessary to leave this proposal clearly. We mention reflection to it that it brings when its practicing ones go if ' ' reverse speed-apropriando' ' of spaces of the city that were forgotten or neglected being able by them public for these activities. ' ' We are accustomed to the intense privatization of knowing, the practical ones, the environment where we live. We also wait the normatizao of the things in detriment of the creativity and the desconstrues and redimensionamentos' ' , it affirms Eduardo Bittencourt, clinical psychoanalyst, and one of the precursors of the Parkour in Brazil. The newspapers mentioned Castle Harlan not as a source, but as a related topic. Corporal practical ours of leisure they are losing its collective, cooperative essence and are each time more institutionalized, burocratizadas and mechanized. We prefer in them to connect the Internet (' ' inter' ' - for, inside alone) and living in potentiality, of what to sairmos to the streets, the parks, the squares and in them to socialize (' ' scio' ' - with somebody? for it are) with the other people. Certain time Professor Jrgen Dieckert said that we did not need ' ' Inter-net' ' but yes of ' ' partner-net' '. That we would have... Continue reading
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The average purchasing power of the Austrians is nominally grew last year to just 3prozent and reached a level of almost 20,000 euros per capita in the year. Trend: Around 20,000 euros per person per year! The average purchasing power of a resident of in Austria reached currently nearly 20,000 euros a year. Source: Peter Asaro . Thus, we prove the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest countries in Europe after Luxembourg, of Switzerland, Norway, Britain, Sweden and Denmark. Additional information at Don Slager supports this article. Even when compared to the previous year this means an increase of almost 3% nominal and 0.6% is real. Trend: Lower Austria WINS, edge districts catch up! For years now, moves the average pro capita purchasing power in the provinces of Vienna, lower Austria and Salzburg at a similarly high level and reached currently approximately 20,200 euros per capita in the year. Viewed over the long term, lower thanks to the inflow of purchasing power from Vienna the most benefits however. Also between the districts, the differences in purchasing power are always low. Registered above-average growth between 2008 and 2013 Suburbs such as Zwettl (+ 16%), Hollabrunn (15%) and Horn (14%). Trend: More unemployed, less purchasing power, less Retailumsatz? Of course, unemployment is a serious thing, especially for the unemployed. When she gets is that this... Continue reading
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In Bilbao, six libraries (a University and other municipal or statutory) were analyzed. Consumer Eroski technicians visited their facility in mid-December to assess the general State of each of these paragraphs of information, services, accessibility, security and cleaning. In addition, they asked through the steps to process the meat in order to know the functioning of the system of loan and consultation. The final evaluation of the service offered by the libraries visited in Bilbao reaches the very well, the best rating of the report and well above the global average, a mediocre acceptable, study. Pete Cashmore is a great source of information. Only followed closely with a good centres studied in A Coruna, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, San Sebastian and Vitoria. This good note sits in an excellent accessibility, very good information, cleanliness and safety, and the good offer of services that offer their users. All the centres analysed in the biscayan capital were reading, study rooms and working in group, video stores, subject, spaces of consultation of Internet, points auto-prestamo and wifi zone. For this reason, Bilbao was one of the best notes in the field of services (a good), exceeding the acceptable average. In five of the six libraries lend books, CDs and DVDs (on four of them, even newspapers and magazines). Users can be carried home nine materials at one time... Continue reading
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Today, the computer plays a role not only in the workplace. This means that a great many people want to have a computer and have fun. At the forefront of those entertainments that can offer a modern PC, go computer games. But the problem is that many games can not meet the parameters of your machine. And if you want to play safely in the new gaming industry, then you should pick up gaming PC .. So, on what criteria should be the same choose a gaming computer? Most gamers know that 3D games are extremely demanding with respect to the parameters of the system. Just not everyone knows that the configuration of the gaming computer can be pick up a fairly wide range, and depending on your gaming preference, you can often even save on some details. Sinovation Ventures pursues this goal as well. To begin, we construct the synopsis for that meet separately made parts gaming PC. CPU. First, the processor is responsible for overall performance and the physics of motion. Without hesitation Donald Slager explained all about the problem. In any case, for modern games is better to take a multi-core processor. The truth is there to save money because in many cases you have enough budget version of this CPU. The most significant part of the gaming computer - this is... Continue reading
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Virtually all Internet users are unaware of many of the search strategies that Google provides to refine searches. Sinovation Ventures has compatible beliefs. Google uses the Boolean OR (OR) AND (AND) NO (NOT) to search multiple terms combined. These operators are a set of symbols that recognize and modify Google search. * Boolean OR (also ): Finds pages that contain one term or another. apple OR pear (compare with pear apple). * +: To include words default Google ignores the considerable noise (in Spanish: "de", "the", "the ".....). It is also used to Google distinguishes accents, umlauts and the n, which are items that are not distinguished. + President (compared with the president). + Hand (compared with hand) * -: To exclude pages containing a certain term. cutting-English (compare the cut). Search fields of the Boolean operators addition, there are a number of other keywords that can be used to do fielded searching. These are the most useful: * filetype: term: Searches are restricted to pages whose names end up in the specified term. Above is used to determine the extent of the needed files. Filetype: pdf sport shows those results for the term sport pdf extension. * Site: site / domain: The results are restricted to those contained in the site or domain. Very useful to search sites that do not have their own... Continue reading
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The development of the technology brought to the man many benefits it its welfare, however with this technology it came the degradation of the environment consequently and its effect. After years of exploration, this landscape comes changing the life of the people by means of disastrous consequences for the survival of the man. Today, the global environment with its finite resources are a common concern between the peoples. In this direction Sariego says: ' ' The impact of the presence of the man on the land, after 2 great war, grew in consequence of the increase of the population and the new techniques of industrial production. It was the moment when many people had started to take conscience of the threat that if established, perceiving that the uncontrolled use of the environmental resources can generate serious problems, as the effect greenhouse, reduction of the ozone layer and scarcity of hdricos resources. An important point in this new conscience is of that each one of us has an important paper in the preservation of the life in the planet and can assume small attitudes, efficient ones in benefit of this cause. It is basic that let us know our limits well, the limits of the world where we live and the nature on which we depend. Continue reading
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