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Another thing that we have to accept is politics as conflict and conflict expression of the political animus. And democracy as able to manage conflicts through a permanent renewal. One thing are institutions Basic, suitable to manage the control of stabilization, and other permanent manifestation of ideas that extend the spaces until a transforming freedom. It is clear that the so-called institutions and social intermediaries no longer respond to the demands of the times and, therefore, have to look for new mechanisms. This is the reality of a country a few days of an election that again to be called the last chance, another aberration, because democracy never has one last chance. Simply have walked a bit through historical processes, it is enough not to put all the papers in a drawer, just don't shoot game (used this word with seriousness) of the possibilities beforehand policies, to conclude that broadcast phrases are used in this country, say importunities bulk, is used very bad language. The true revolution is the moral voice. Populism is an assumption in a radical way to achieve uniformity on the imaginary. The possibility of an all-knowing Government does not fit into the 21st century. The real politician is what makes the world intelligible to the people, that is, which provides the tools to act effectively on already understood. Populism is not... Continue reading
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You must actually think about how to register a domain name before you do. Many people comes with a catchy name, or they feel the need to definitively consolidate its name, and going out to buy a domain name. But there are several things to consider in your domain name. After all, your domain name is an extension of your business and your image do not want to project the correct? These ten tips will help you choose the suitable for you and your business domain name. 1. The selected extension makes a statement to the user about where you are and who you are aiming to attract it. For example. Co.UK tells people that they operate in the United Kingdom, and ca tells them that they are operating outside of Canada... Yes, that is very important for you to make your record accordingly. Learn more on the subject from John K. Castle. Although it would give them the impression of being an enterprise global, or with headquarters in the United States.UU., then choose a com. 2. Use a registration with good reputation service. Unfortunately, some domain registration services are little more than a scam. Are intermediaries only. The domain name that you want to tell them, and they recorded it, by a higher rate of what you would normally pay. In the worst cases,... Continue reading
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The study of any language takes time, study the Chinese language is no exception. Moreover, the study of Chinese language often requires more time than for example, English or German. And yet, in this article I would like to provide some guidance on how to accelerate the process of studying the Chinese language. Maybe you will not be able to implement all the tips in this article a reality quickly, but even if you take the practice perform one or two of the recommendations below, we are sure of your progress in learning the Chinese language does not keep you waiting. 1. Make a schedule. Peter Asaro will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most important part in the study of any language is a constant practice. This truth is clear and without words. Nevertheless, many underestimate the importance of routine language lessons. Sometimes it seems that half an hour or an hour of practice each day will not be able to contribute to your progress, but it is twice as efficient than the suit language practice once a week for two and a half hours. No matter how you were too busy, for sure you can find a little time for what would be your repeat material covered on the Chinese language, half an hour at lunchtime, in the transport, or a quiet evening... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
Description. The Programmable Logical Controllers (CLP) had appeared of the necessity to formulate controls logical that before they were carried through by relays of low trustworthiness, difficult maintenance and great dimensions, for controllers of bigger flexibility, capable to support the industrial environment, of easy maintenance, and that pods to be programmed and to be reprogramado. For 1968 return the General Motors Corporation started to develop established electronic projects in the relays, under the leadership of the engineer Richard Morley, were prepared a specification to take care of the necessity of the automobile industry, as well as of all the manufacturing industry, transferring the modifications of the hardware to modifications in software. Where before the wirings needed modifications in all, that demanded time, or many of became it to the times impracticable, for modifications only in the program. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. The CLP became an indispensable equipment for industry, its capacity of processing increased considerably, executing more complex functions, mainly when in the decade of 70 they had been introduced the micron processing, allowing bigger flexibility of programming. Currently the CLPs is equipment well more complex, acting in such a way in discrete control how much in the automation of the manufacture in continuous processes, with the most varied capacities, being able to control independent processes... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
The operators of Internet portals want to earn it in the rule, like money or cover at least part of the server costs through advertising revenue. It is above all affiliate programs and website sponsors, who are elected like this. Most of them are banner or text link ads that are embedded on the page and then bring revenue. Depending on how successful click, visitors to the page on the banners or text links, commissions are graded. For the individual affiliate programs, there are different payment models that pay for either a Banner view (display of a banner), or for a Banner click (click a banner ad). Sometimes there are also models, which then pay a commission if you referred a visitor or a member of an advertisement on your homepage. The prices and commissions are very different. Basically, it is advisable to look for a home-sponsor-in-waiting to the content match ads. This increases the possibility that visitors click on the advertising, since they please. Basically, it is the webmaster or the owner of this site prohibited to carry out self-drive clicks to make money in the till. Such behavior can be revealed by clicking the site sponsors soon as the individual clicks are evaluated, because with every click the user's IP is stored, which has clicked on the banner or text link. Are very... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
Mega-Japanese company Sony has just confirmed that it will launch the official implementation of PlayStation in the coming days. The application is available for download and manage PlayStation Network from iPhone and iPod Touch with OS 4 or higher, and the majority of Android phones (mobile phones Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 or the Samsung fascinate for example) compatible with a minimum of operating system 1.6. In version 1.0, which will be capable of: * see their PlayStation Network trophies and keep you up-to-date with friends games and State online. * Discover all developments in hardware, news, and games for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation 2. To read all the ads in the European PlayStation.Blog. * Share your favorite products or news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail. The new application will be, firstly, in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Holland in their respective native languages. Regrettably this application has been developed by the PlayStation Europe team. Hopefully, Sony's not forget developing versions for Symbian, Bada, Web OS and Windows Phone 7, though in the latter case the unknown is greater due to direct competition with Microsoft's Xbox Live platform. The PlayStation application has a very similar philosophy, precisely, to Xbox Live on your mobile. Also will allow consultation of the own profile as well as our friends,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
If there is something I learned reading philosophy and especially to Discardings it is that a contextualised and insidious question by but that is still a question. Perhaps check out John K. Castle for more information. When we make multilevel sometimes if we are not preparations to give concrete answers or if simply we are in a defensive position between both interlocutors, your like sponsor of multilevel and or she like prospectus, then we are going to begin to feel to some aggressive or sharp questions like in the strict sense leaving a position aggressively noticeable but. To see I am going to try to do it a little more diagram: We suppose that you are speaking with a prospectus for your network of network marketing and him questions whatever to win in its present work, and it responds certain number, then your you return to re to ask and that seems to you much? , that single question after the moment in which you tightened the hand to him to greet it and sent a minute after saying your name to him can obstruirte all the task of prospection and of giving an opportunistic and magnificent impression him of you like person; that prospectus is going to feel attacked but not only reduced because complete stranger as your this questioning whichever desire to him... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
When in the spring of the hedge trimming, you want to have as little time and effort. We show, using what tools to achieve the best result. People such as John K. Castle would likely agree. To maintain the own garden is very important, because there is a law, on the other hand, the garden should be of course also something beautiful. The hedge-cutting takes place while only once or twice a year, can bring pretty much work but at a larger or overgrown garden. Samsung Electronics often says this. Today I want to turn closer to hedge trimmers, which can significantly facilitate a necessary work. What is it when a hedge trimmer? First, one must distinguish between the different types of hedge. There are manual hedge shears, which operate on the principle of the lever and there is power or gas powered hedge trimmers, akku-. Manual hedge shears are really good, because by leveraging a very high force can be spent, which easily cut branches often with a thickness of up to 5 cm in diameter. There are several with one of the other devices often Minutes employs. Manual hedge trimmer manual hedge trimmer not solve the problem but, because for a garden of medium size with a hedge length of 50 m, it would be probably several days busy. For this reason, you... Continue reading
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Many of us want to learn how to earn money doing online surveys. For assistance, try visiting The memberships in paid surveys sites are a novelty on the internet, thanks to these sites many people have heard of this unique opportunity. These sites are that sends the long letter telling you as it tried everything and nothing worked until they paid for surveys and not imagine the well that going now. They have excellent incomes from their houses and work in pajamas. Most of these sites may try to impress you too and lift your spirits in exaggerated measures. You must be careful with the two following lies: lie 1 you can win X amount of dollars per hour this is misleading because it makes you think that sit front of the computer for four hours you can win one hundred dollars. When is the truth that you cannot decide when and how many surveys you will receive. Paid surveys companies send you invitations when you are part of the demographic profile that interests them. Nor get paid for how time you take to complete the survey. Normally tells you to pay you x dollars per survey (which you sent when they want) and not interested in how much you evenings in completing it. Normally they will pay you $5-$ 10 by a survey... Continue reading
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That sense of wasted energy to return was the subject of company B. E. R. S. and scientific fairy tale for the inhabitants. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi. To understand the universal significance of staff undertook the "Business Efficiency Development System '. I am sure that many readers have submitted Crystal Balls, Scrying maps and palmistry. No way! Professionals in the field of psychology, medicine, bio-energy physics and help people save health family business with their own inner resources, their energy. It's no secret that our lives are interconnected and after family squabbles at work dropped his hands, and the body is immersed in yet another disease. And only aligning the energy, we thus balance the life in all its diversity. Another distinctive from psychics and fortune tellers moment is complete the customer's consent. Only a sincere desire for change can yield results. Working with clients is on three areas: health, mind and management consulting. Health - this is perhaps the main value of life. And cut his ear banal, today the phrase: "Healthy people are now no!" Perhaps, in our dynamic time for us just once to stop and listen to ourselves. We were nervous in the queue, transport, work, breaks down on the family. However, only at rest the human psyche is capable of receiving and adapt to the changes around the... Continue reading
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Do you use artificial colors in the manufacture of the gels' NO, the color of each gel color results from natural ingredients. Why is it advantageous gel suspension technology 'on the versatility of a gel, center thereby facilitating the transportation and centers consumption, thereby improving absorption and utilization of each nutrient. The gel suspension technology allows natural nutrients to remain suspended in the gel to maximize its bioavailability. For even more analysis, hear from Mashable. Before gel supplements, people depended on the tablets and capsules of nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, honey typical supplements in pill form can not always fully absorbed. But thanks to technology Agel gel suspension, these vitamins and minerals may be more available for absorption and digestion. vitamins Where is to absorb nutrients Agel products "Each of the ingredients in each product contains nutrients that vitamin have different and specific methods of absorption along the gastrointestinal tract (GI). For most of these nutrients, the benefits major site of absorption is the small intestine. the best insurance plan can be found with is committed to reducing the financial barriers in the healthcare system By suspending nutrients in a insurance gel, all the nutrients are ready for their digestion weight loss and absorption through dental the gastrointestinal tract. The good taste, ease of absorption and the versatility of the product, agel make the perfect nutritional... Continue reading
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Advantages of integrated hard drive and digital receiver who belongs not to the owners of a DVD recorder and thinks about such a purchase, should inform yourself before buying well over the current versions of the entertainment unit. Finally there in the fast paced industry constantly changes. First of all consumers should be aware, that buying a pure DVD recorder in the long run is really worthwhile for them. Who in the future rather want to renounce on burning DVDs and use the so-called time-shifted television, is surely better with a DVD recorder with a built-in hard drive. This should have at least 160 gigabytes, so that there is enough space for different shots. Moreover, the decision for a built-in digital receiver is advisable. This is easy to use and can be seen using the electronic program guide (EPG) even the television program of next week. Owner of a flat-screen TV should be on a Make sure the DVD recorder HDMI port. Only this will ensure flawless picture and sound quality. Lovers of old video cassettes must not forego their shots and can instead opt for a combined unit with a separate video drive. However, it is to be expected with a higher power consumption. As an alternative, it offers on video cassettes on the integrated hard disk, papered over or burn to DVD. Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
A change saves money often are the new changes of the Black Yellow coalition. A more important point is to compensate for the deficit in the budget of the legal health insurance companies. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. For all legally insured, these projects by Federal Health Minister Philipp Rosler but promise nothing good. For the umpteenth time, the posts rise. This again increases are reason enough to think about a change to a private health insurance. Because they have often important advantages over the statutory health insurance. The private insurance Portal informs about all benefits and savings. To get an overview of the private health insurance, it is advisable first to find out about all modalities and to take an advice. Finally, such a change should be well thought out. Donald W Slager contributes greatly to this topic. However, there are many interesting advantages. A safe advantage of private insurance companies is that the contribution payments often cheaper are, as it no Are the contribution assessment ceiling. However, the employer must be informed prior to completing a contract with a private health insurance. To pay a grant its consent is necessary, as this is not regulated, but is optional for companies and businesses. However, it brings the employer advantages, agree to the Exchange, because the share of the statutory health insurance is often... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
In very small groups often arises a relationship, domination, tension, but there is also the possibility of achieving a greater degree of intimacy. 1.6.2 Time for communication aimed at the communication time is reduced to increase the size of the group, each person in the Group has complicated tasks of social relationships that maintain and more restricted resources to do so. 1.6.3. The agglomeration is another factor influencing communication, as well as heat and cold. Agglomeration exists not only in function of the number of people gathered in a physical space; but it is also a psychological factor according to Patterson, Mullersy Romano, (in Napier, 1971). The elevation of the temperature in a room tends to create the affection of agglomeration. Under conditions of crowding, increase or temperature variation, individuals tend to act negatively towards others (Griffitt, Napier, 1975). 1.6.4. The different styles of leadership Leaders possess well-defined communication patterns that affect the communication relationship: the authoritarian leader focused communication about himself. Democratic leader seeks a more participatory conservation, all members of the group are potential leaders and the leader who let do, allows the group to assume their own limited resources. Rarely the leaders invest time in strengthening the communication process or improve the shapes interact within the Group (in Napier, 1975). 1.6.5 Status and power communication is influenced by the perceived status among... Continue reading
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During the development of methods of engineering analysis of structures has become evident in the emergence of a distinct need for methods of estimating the structure of wall materials, including reinforced concrete. Implementation of practical and experimental calculations in determining the strength led to a significant number of practical methods for determining the resistance to fracture of concrete. Virtually every one used at this stage techniques has a certain scope, good sides and bad quality, requires the use of simple devices or complex microcontroller sensor. In order to more fully understanding techniques should be considered to classify these techniques. The main sign of classification is the theoretical essence, the situation in the core technology of measurement. On the way to impact on test sample techniques agreed to share with the complete destruction of the test sample, with local destruction and non-destructive methods. Such a division into classes, we believe, shows the essence of tighter procedures, and proceeds of the above conditions. If during a test sample of unstructured and will not be used for subsequent use in a direction similar way is defined in the classification as destructive. If the jbi will be suitable for use, but after testing it should be to repair reinforced concrete, this method should be attributed to the methods with fragmentalnoy destruction. Nedestrukturiruyuschie technologies provide a force on the block,... Continue reading
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Practice-oriented book by Gunther Wolf has to maintain the competitiveness of employee retention, formerly known as topic for social romantics is mildly derided now a top issue management and human resource management. The practical book of employee retention is now available due to the great demand of consultant Gunther Wolf. Increasingly responsible HR managers recognize that employee retention is a central key to business success and sustainable competitiveness. Practitioners in the just-published book by Gunther Wolf how employee retention in the company can be improved significantly by the success factor is elevated to man in the Center. Access to physical resources employee retention as a critical success factor for the competitiveness of companies plays a much lesser role than in the past. Much more important are the people with their knowledge, skills, experiences and knowledge in regard to the production and Quality of products. If you have read about Marc Mathieu already - you may have come to the same conclusion. The man is placed in the Center and is a decisive competitive factor. Thus, he is also highly sought after in the "war for talent". Long this characterized the late of 1990s by KcKinsey refers not only to the hot sought-after high potentials, but capable staff generally. Practice-oriented book only those companies can survive long-term, which manages to bind their employees than their competitors,... Continue reading
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Our 21st century can be called the century of Telecommunication, the century of communication. This is a time of globalization, the age of unification of cultures and economies. Never in the history of mankind has there been such a time. All attempts to isolate themselves from outside influences for screens nationalist ideas of globalization are doomed to failure. The Iron Curtain will soon be studied only from books. The planet and mankind faces such problems, which can be solved only universal effort. The development of telecommunications - is a consequence and expression of a single imperative, calling us to unity for co-creation of life. Skachok in the development of fixed telephony to mobile - it's just skachok only. But the transition from mobile phone technology to VoIP, wireless and Internet technologies - it is a revolution in telecom! This compares with the advent of television Tsirova to our house. Not so we recently watched analog TV and there before us the world of satellite television in its entirety. And this revolution is affecting everyone and everything. And if not now affected - it will affect in the near future. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. GSM connection is very expensive because of the high cost of servicing its technical basis and that is why it is not free! But the VoIP link... Continue reading
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The third category is " because of ". When we around did not find anybody to ours to that to make responsible by our circumstances we found this exit very advisable that it allows us to blame to God, to the destiny, the economy, the bad luck, the position of planets, or to any other external agent that are not going to refute ours to us fault arguments. " Because of " it leaves, us in a position of total impotence before our present. Further details can be found at Mikkel Svane, an internet resource. Not only we gave the control of our present, but of our same life, without getting to understand that we have made to deserve the punishment to us. The three categories have the same weight and make the same damage in our present. It is as if we were drinking a cyanide glass little by little. Check out John K. Castle for additional information. It does not matter if we are thinking about us we drink whereas it, or if we are thinking about our parents, husbands, spouses, heads, or if we are thinking about the destiny, good or bad luck, the cyanide is going to us to poison similarly. Whereas we are in the conviction that our reality is consequence of the decisions and the whims of another human... Continue reading
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Visualization software now with plan concept and performance booster new version 8.5 of the visualization software sphinx open / sphinx open the all-round solution for visualization tasks many of the new features incorporated / plan concept and performance booster / optimized for interfacing to SAP NetWeaver / high protection of investment through operating system independent, Web-enabled visualization / very wide range of uses the in-built information system GmbH (GmbH) in Konstanz brings with release 8.5 the new, revised and expanded version of the successful visualization software sphinx open on the market. Sphinx is a versatile product for demanding tasks in the field of real-time visualization and graphical engineering - also on the Web open. With sphinx open, it is possible to implement complex visualization applications quickly and with minimal programming effort. There are components for high-quality visualization and graphical engineering available with the software. The powerful real-time visualization engine is about open interfaces in products and applications can be integrated. The image editor is customizable and also has the ability to design application-specific symbols in addition to extensive libraries. Read more here: Pete Cashmore. Sphinx open 8.5 offers the user now numerous innovations and enhancements such as the concept of the plan ', which allows the separate processing and overlapping of different levels of visualization. This is particularly useful if dynamic display objects on extensive... Continue reading
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The study is now available in the ILO-shop. In times of growing complexity and increasing dynamics, it is crucial to make processes and enterprise applications transparently and flexibly for a company's success. Donald W Slager is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Against the background of increasing amounts of data, the requirements for a continuous internal and external data processing also change in real time. There are new technologies, by means of which monitor significant events among themselves be allows their relationships in real time and the analysis with high processing speeds with complex event processing (CEP) and event stream processing (ESP). This enables organizations to respond immediately and appropriately to certain events and critical conditions. The Fraunhofer IAO provides the functionality of the event processing tools available on the market with the market study an overview. This usually also possibilities of integration in the in addition to the pure event processing in real time already offer existing IT landscape, modeling and analysis tools as well as tools for the Visual representation in the form of dashboards. In addition to commercial products, even mature open source solutions are considered in the market overview. The available products and their functionalities have been collected through online research and reading relevant literature. The data collection took place in the period from August to October 2010. The market... Continue reading
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read here what you can do about it. Every year the same game: At the beginning of the second half of the year, sometimes even earlier, the private health insurance companies (PKV) publish advertising post guarantees for tariffs and tariff combinations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore. Often, there is the impression that the one or the other insurer is stable under post. After all, he guarantees anything. ", so David Hamill, specialist broker for private health insurance, pensions and disability." In practice, this is however often very different. Basically, the contribution is calculated so that it remains constant over the entire period in private health insurance. ", says Sven Hennig. Nevertheless, there could be any premium adjustments due to external factors. The insurance broker next: Increasing life expectancy, increased expenditures for medical expenses and medicines or health changes such as the introduction of the basic tariff in the PKV regularly lead to adjustments Health insurance contributions. "This also an increase in the equity (deductible) is possible in addition to the classic adaptation of the posts. This is often forgotten. So, a combination of post adjustment and increase the deductible may be possible. Terminate prematurely because a contribution increase to the House flapping, shouldn't you. ", Sven advises Hennig."In practice, I already experienced cases where customers through a hasty and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2017 at Safari Software's blog
to prevent to be victims of such attacks is to essencialadotar a management of the security of the responsible and pro-active information, protecting-sedo robbery of data crticos' ' , Camillo Di observes Jorge, main executivoda ESET Brazil. Peter Asaro addresses the importance of the matter here. In the report ' ' Trends 2009: the advance of crimeware, specialists in security computer science of the ESET Latinoamrica had foreseen aproliferao of attacks against appraised companies or high executives, comoaconteceu with ' ' Aurora operation; '. To have access the complete report it has access: . to guarantee the security, is necessary constant attention to the vulnerabilities. In this in case that recent we saw that, later doataque exactly initial, malware continues to infectar the users who try to simplesmenteentrar in one definitive site, strengthens. It enters the propagation of malicious codes for this way, detectadospelo ESET NOD32, are as JS/Exploit.CVE-2010-0249 and variantesWin32/AutoRun.Delf and Win32/Agent.OBZ, either malware projected for confidential roubarinformaes. ' ' When all the conditions of security in umambiente of information adequately are not foreseen for the fact of seentrar in the Internet for a navigator or to open an email with the vulnerability dosistema, the aggressor can have access the infectum-lo computer or; ' , alert. This question assumes particular importance in the corporative deambientes cases. One of the principaishipteses on the reasons of... Continue reading
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Cutter - equipment for meat processing process cuttering, according to engineers, is one of the most important in meat processing. It is on the cutter and the cutting head design depends on the quality of milling cutter meat. Should not overheat cutter knives and overheating stuffing - a serious disruption technology. Cutter - a machine for the final grinding meat, pre-cut into the top. Usually sausage products requires a degree of grinding meat that is ground meat cutter practically. On a bed cutter strengthened hemispherical bowl, which is loaded materials. To ensure the safety of workers, managers cutters, the process of loading / unloading of raw materials is automated. Learn more at this site: Mashable. To provide even more quality cuttering bowl cutter closed-top lid, and cuttering happening in a vacuum. This greatly improves the color minced cuttering quality, consistency of product (more dense, with no air voids). Knife cutter head - the main element of the design and condition of which depends on the quality of grinding. Cutter knife should be keenly honed to really cut, instead of squash meat fibers. Improper design of cutter knife, the lack of severity of risk that the meat is, firstly, poorly crushed, muscle fibers deformed, which leads to marriage, the final product. Second, stuffing, Sorted defective blade head will overheat, which is a violation of technology. In... Continue reading
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Labor scope Principle N 3. To support the principles of the freedom of union association and the right to the collective negotiation. Principle N 4. To eliminate the unavoidable and obligatory work. Details can be found by clicking Mashable or emailing the administrator. Principle N 5. To abolish any form of infantile work. Principle N 6. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. To eliminate the discrimination in the matter of use and occupation. Environment Principle N 7. To support the preventive approach against the environmental challenges. Principle N 8. To promote major environmental responsibility. Principle N 9. To encourage to the development and the diffusion of respectful technologies of the environment. Anti Corruption Principle N 10. The companies will have to work against the corruption in all forms, including extortion and criminality These ten principles must constantly be taken very into account when evaluating that as much ethics indicates the companies in their operativity, service, of how the management avoids that of passage to violations that attempt against the ethics, It does not surprise to us, that in Venezuela many companies they are corruption defendant, to support and to concern the protection to the human rights, contamination of the environment, abuses to the right scopes labor. He is very interesting in addition, the contributions that given the advance of the technology,... Continue reading
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Before washing is necessary check the pockets of clothing and remove all the items to undo all the buttons and zippers. Small items of clothing (socks, tights, socks, etc.), as well as bras must be washed in a special pouch. What are the program laundry? Soak-water Gulf after the tank washing machines, washing program stops (there is no rotation of the drum) for 2 hours or more. Pre-wash, is used for heavily soiled laundry in the bin Powder has a special compartment for loading powder for the pre-wash (marked Roman numeral I). Quick wash, saves time (35 minutes). Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Delicate wash, is used for washing of fine fabrics, when there is the possibility of damage when washing clothes. Wool-washing for wool. Synthetics, laundry sintetcheskih tissues (for these two programs, electronics washing machine establishes a certain temperature, the rate of extraction and washing time). Rinse, remove detergent from washing clothes (for the wash is repeated rinsing), there is also an opportunity to establish additional rinsing. What additional functions are integrated into the control system manufacturer washing machine? Aqua Sensor-function monitors the sensor through the transparency of the water if the water is heavily polluted assigned additional rinsing. Fuzzi Control-system control over the process of washing, adjust the water flow, depending on the volume of laundry, control the imbalance, the number and... Continue reading
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