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Originality, style, beauty, surprise, practicality - are the main quality of this gift Everyone has their own requirements as and reasonable as we are all different. But, at any time will be relevant for unusual gifts Men and unique, fashionable, for women. The main thing that a gift like the one to whom it is intended, it is necessary to choose, not only taking into account your own taste, but also taking into account the desires of the individual. Otherwise, the gift will not work: it will leave a dusting in any place, either with great pleasure that someone peredaryat, in general, get rid of him. Try to prepare in advance for the upcoming celebration, so that your efforts will not were wasted. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. Naturally, there is a hackneyed template options and kits that are easy to buy for an extreme case, but many more people surprised when he learns that the gift was chosen with love. However, if you had little time, but do not want to give platitudes, then exit out of this situation will cool gifts for women and men. If the hero of the occasion - a practical person, then decide what to give - a very simple. Any little thing will be useful in the subject, but here the selection have to go sober... Continue reading
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Introduction The conflicts are a natural part of human life, though hard to accept this as natural or normal. As human beings we are creatures of relationships in which there are differences because we are different people who live in society on the basis of certain minimum consensus or agreements. Conflicts need to be managed or operated by the people involved in them, because being natural elements are conceived, and sometimes exploit or arise or are resolved are also converted into new conflicts. But in all cases it is necessary to manage conflicts and that conflicts do not manage people. This work is a contribution with the simple aim of sharing the daily learning of professional practice as a lawyer, because I also live conflicts and strive to manage or handle them in a constructive manner avoiding the negative development of the same, and because I am convinced that in each constructively managed conflict exists an opportunity for change and growth. 1.A a l Conflict as an Opportunity A conflict is: a Oeun expressed struggle between at least two parties who perceive incompatible goals, a shortage of resources and interference by the other side in reaching their goals (Hocker and Wilmot) The conflict is understood or largely perceived as negative because the assumptions in on or very close ideas are those that do see the... Continue reading
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The more powerful servers technologically to make the best investments in its continuing effort to innovate in products, services, efficiency and, of course, profitability, S-Trade Spain and following its global strategy has finished updating all its computer Park this past month of June to give better coverage to their customers. Security, which has always been one of the added values of S-Trade Spain passed to renew its technological infrastructure, implementing automated Internet servers (the servers Integrity more powerful market) that enhance security against possible external attacks that could damage or cause negative consequences in the investments of its customers. To do this you have purchased new computers and has implemented 10 new IP s that improve a 100% connection between different company brokers located anywhere in the world. This is all part of a strategic planning that S-Trade Spain has developed so that within a period not exceeding 2 years implant system-wide connection between their own brokers exclusively without using external agents. With these actions you can close the circle, in terms of control and cash management of our clients, greatly increasing the speed of operations, the safety of them and provide solutions to any problems that may arise, improving speed in all automated systems that do not leave place to any possible collapse of information at any time, says Javier Acosta, director of S-Trade... Continue reading
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One of the most valuable things in life is the ability to learn a trade. One of my father's favorite sayings was "You can give a man a fish and he eats for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and will never go hungry." This can be applied to searching eBay. The main things I look for when the Internet gold mining is the Product Title or selling his name, but we must remember that we always want to see Completed Auctions. No matter if a team is in the list of $ 1, and there are 2 days for that information ... will not help. We have cold, hard facts of what the computer sold, how much was sold and who bought it, and this is available in the Completed auctions. Many times when I search for a product and see that it is a hot seller, then check the best sellers of this product. Then check the sellers other auctions. Very important - Successful eBay sellers are more than that for a reason! They know the tricks and techniques to get those sales. To broaden your perception, visit Edwin Sayres. View all topics and add your own ideas to make your sales success. Do not reinvent the wheel. His goal is to make Fast Cash! Clone what works, and... Continue reading
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Are you planning to buy a door lock to a steel door? Then you should consider in choosing the castle, because of its reliability depends on the speed of opening the door, especially if the lock will be installed in the apartment where the main weak spot is available and it is lock. Need to choose among the reliable manufacturers of locks and hardware products, such as Cisa, Mottura, Mul-T-Lock, METTEM, Abloy, kale, etc. In some cases, to achieve a higher level Reliability is allowed to install two locks. It is desirable that both locks were of different design secret parts: cylinder and lever. You can install a double-system lock, which is generally very profitable. For example double-system mortise lock Cisa 57.986 unique in that when you close the top of the castle extends protective shutter klyucheviny lower castle. Thereby blocking access to the mechanism of lock picking. Lever of the lock is of great number of secret key combinations. Castle on the whole very reliable and functional. Or about the same type of lock Mottura 54.797 ... If your door does not constitute a sturdy shock-resistant armored cloth purchase. In the inset of the castle, set it on the outside of the mortise lock. It is also particularly noteworthy castles invisible (or flash lock). Edwin Sayres may find it difficult to be quoted properly.... Continue reading
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Sure that have heard this phrase the content is King, is our main material for the creation of a strategy, in the case that concerns us today, a strategy that we are going to go to marketing with our articles. Let's take an example, when we went into one page to find some kind of information, the content and your search becomes a priority. From here it becomes important the need to write articles by means of which, we create value for our potential audience content. But how can we create this value? A great way to achieve this is through search engines. These articles for search engines are the perfect bait, then search engines sent to your bugs to find out where to pick up and where there is content to index it in these same. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. But this strategy of marketing with articles is say a but, and it is that we have to have patience and wait that generate their own fruit in the timeline and begin to derive traffic to our blog, we have to be very consistent to publishing and work in a continuous manner. If we take into account these elements, we know that this way of working gives us many advantages, such as the exposure of the products that we... Continue reading
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Jobs for text editors may seem like they are hard to find, but in reality you can find and what you can do with many of the titles you have. But if you do not have any qualifications, this may be the first step in finding the copyediting job that you have been looking for. Jobs in this field are available, but you need a good solid portfolio and a set of skills to achieve them. Here are some things to get you going in the right direction, however. 1. Visit Ali Partovi for more clarity on the issue. Education is the most important aspect. If you do not have the time or resources to go to college to earn a degree in writing and editing, you may want to search for a course of study at home. Often, colleges offer these courses you need to learn from home. It could be a good step for someone looking for copy editing work. 2. Click Ed Sayres to learn more. Create a portfolio of their work. If you provide any work in the field add to its portfolio. This could be a simple document his work appears in it. If you do not get any opportunity, why not create your own? Look for volunteer projects to complete as well. Get the knowledge and experience is the... Continue reading
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In addition to budget management, the tool provides functions such as booking tolerances for projects, take logic in resource planning and probability of project portfolios. Munich, June 27, 2011. The new version offers a variety of new functions of project management software can do. In addition to comprehensive budget management were expanded the areas of resource planning and project portfolio management and improved the usability of the planning and control tools. Resource management has expanded to a booking tolerances for projects can do. The project leader has the ability to regulate the scope of is time tracking: he can increase the amount of feedback in relation to the planned values, restrict, or set to the value of the plan. Whenever Ed Sayres listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, a pulling logic to simplify planning was integrated into the software. Kai-Fu Lee has similar goals. The effort in a parent object in the context of resource planning (E.g. project phase) is payable at the so-called Peel feature. If the detailed planning (E.g. work package) is the corresponding Objects scheduled expenses deducted from the value in the parent project. In the area of portfolio management can do now offers a program-based portfolio simulation. Can do project intelligence version 4.1 can be associated a program with multiple portfolios. The tool ignored the capacity planning of all... Continue reading
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The elunic media GmbH, full service performance Web Agency, published collection software as a Web application. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kai-Fu Lee. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are often on the brink of ruin, if your debtor do not pay the claim the service work, because you can not pay, want or do so in a timely manner. "In large companies there are whole departments, which is demand management" deal. Often, this part, or certain claims on debt collection companies is outsourced. A related site: Ed Sayres mentions similar findings. The collection of elunic media GmbH software makes it easier, to manage the demands quickly and effectively, and to recover even in the best case, accounting and even for people with smaller or medium-sized companies for debt collection. The developers of elunic have all legal requirements of Dunning being taken into account and incorporated these into your new Web-based software. The software is modular and suitable for companies and debt collection companies. In other words the collection staff also your Commission automated review can, partial payment can entered mobile via smart-phone, see the editing booths of claims in real time can and much more. This software for all companies makes the modular, flexible extensibility and the perfect fit vote on existing processes, requiring customers to have and want to have these like to automate,... Continue reading
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From a source as PDF, online E-book publishing, Langenhagen/Hanover 14.03.11 - a flaw in the software documentation is that she usually not in any kind of format can be transformed, if it was written with a text or layout program. So must be documented if necessary twice or the texts extensively adapted to a different format. A flexible solution is the documentation in the DocBook XML format. To broaden your perception, visit Ed Sayres. Economist Gabriele Palm, who specializes as a technical writer for user software understandable software documentation, offers now DocBook XML documentation for the single-source publishing. Ed Sayres often addresses the matter in his writings. DocBook is an XML application that meets the requirements of technical documentation, and allows a platform-independent and media neutral publishing. Any formats can be generated from a single source of text depending on the intended use. Gabriele Palm tests the software through its paces, documented the processes from the user's perspective and provides XML files the software manufacturer. These XML files need then demand only in the desired Format converted or integrated into the development environment to be, such as for publication on the Internet or as online help, as a PDF file or as an E-book. Software innovations can be flexible document in this way and publish, so that the software documentation of development lags not more... Continue reading
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Professional image editing features for serious photographers Poing, Munich 24.02.2011 - Franzis, specifically for photographers who like to work with JPEGs, the new photo software brings SILKYPIX 4.0 element. SILKYPIX element has to SILKYPIX Developer on the conversion of RAW formats over the identical functionality as the media award-winning Studio 4.0 SILKYPIX element is aimed at serious photographers who want high-quality, optimize your digital images in a serious workflow and correct. The software offers exactly the editing functions on which it depends for brilliant photos. In addition to the intuitive work surface offers the software given edit settings but also manually adjustable finest post-processing options. Furthermore, the software analyzes motifs and offers automatic adjustments of parameters of exposure, white balance, color saturation and sharpness. Correct the image correction features geared to professional needs like exposure, white balance set, optimize contrast, adjust color space, improve image sharpness, remove noise, correct lens / directory error and converging lines, rotate an image and image crop u.v.m. high-quality final prints guarantee the camera JPEG image data. The professional solution features, such as digital lens-shift lens, removing color edges, vignetting correction and equalization possibilities even beginners, to get even more visible quality improvements from the compact, bridge and single lens reflex cameras supplied data. What else special, costly hardware and software was necessary, provides the SILKYPIX 4.0 element in this... Continue reading
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For its locations in the Switzerland, the large group in the search was for a solution for the management of its fleet of vehicles. The technology - founded 1885 in Milwaukee, and industrial enterprises is world leader in the field of optimization of energy and overall efficiency of buildings, innovative batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as interior solutions for the automotive industry. To know more about this subject visit Zendesk. This broad product and service offering, over 142,000 employees, Johnson Controls has customers in over 150 countries and a global turnover of 34.3 billion USD (fiscal year 2010) today the No. 76 of the U.S. Fortune 500. For its locations in the Switzerland, the large group in the search was for a solution for the management of its fleet of vehicles. Johnson Controls comm.fleet, which is today in over 120 companies in 6 countries and thus manages a portfolio of currently over 200,000 vehicles it chose the the leading fleet management software. The ERP tool comm.fleet jointly developed by the company community4you and Hiepler + partner developed and is based on 20 years of experience in the fleet consulting and the implementation of customized software solutions. This benefits the Johnson Controls GWS GmbH also in more ways than one. Comm.fleet receives the company not only a complete overview and transparency in its... Continue reading
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Practical help by Centracon supports the actual capabilities and best practices to determine best practice describes the optimized testing in a bank data center Leverkusen, 21.02.2011 - the testing of software according to the findings of the consulting firm Centracon between 30 and 40 per cent of the total realization in software development is. It is all the more important to keep the costs under control through a methodically well-defined test management and to establish what factors increase unnecessarily the burden the focus. For this purpose, Centracon issued a free abridged Guide, which focuses on the typical problems when testing and describes how at the same time practical optimization or solution approaches. On the one hand, the development departments must meet the request as quickly as possible to provide new software for the operation of the practice and to streamline the testing process as much as possible. On the other hand an insufficient testing usually causes of the error only in the active mode, Software are discovered and these quality defects lead to trouble with the users and expensive post-processing required", describes Robert Gehards, Managing Director of Centracon, the field of tension in which the leaders are. Resolved this could the time-to-market by a lean implementation only by a test management,- and quality is equally fulfilling. Ed Sayres recognizes the significance of this. Using the... Continue reading
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The MetDirectory professional optimizes the flow of information through simple, demand-driven search at Geberit after contact details of Starnberg, July 27, 2011 Geberit, European market leader engaged in sanitary engineering from immediately information management software by the specialists of ESTOS: Geberit uses the MetDirectory 3.0 Professional, an LDAP-based directory service for the number resolution by contacts from Lotus Notes, SAP and Twixtel. Benefit around 1700 employees at four locations in Germany and of Switzerland. Generally, to increase the efficiency and service orientation of employees in direct customer contact at the while, Geberit opts for professional information management: This means for the European market leader in sanitary technology with a global orientation, that especially for telephone calls important information to the call partner ad hoc context-relative to the available must be. Special applies to over 100 call center agents, in several groups across four sites work in Germany and of Switzerland. ICT infrastructure is used for communication at Geberit by Alcatel-Lucent, which is extended by using metadirectory 3.0 Professional key functionalities. The MetDirectory 3.0 Professional brings together distributed contact database to an enterprise-wide directory using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). It prepares standardized names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures and custom information and allows such a reverse lookup for phone numbers. At Geberit, unified contact info comes from the groupware system Lotus Notes, from the SAP ERP... Continue reading
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What must be followed when choosing the newsletter-software. A PHP newsletter software is often used to engage in email marketing. It used the programming language PHP mostly only reason, because this is very common and is today supported by each Web server. Because email marketing has become in recent years a very powerful marketing tool, this development is well known also the small entrepreneurs. However, the biggest hurdle is finding a suitable newsletter software. There are many newsletter solutions on the market, but only a handful of these tools for the professional newsletter usage is suitable. Newsletter software or service solution for E-Mail Marketing? First is the question arises, whether one uses an installable email marketing software on the own domain, or uses an external service, to run email marketing of course. Edwin Sayres is actively involved in the matter. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. When an external E-Mail marketing service solution, the biggest advantage is clearly"the WhiteListing. The means that the services of maintaining good relations with the major such as GMX,, Yahoo and many others and thus to maximize the deliverability rate of sent marketing emails. "Installed email marketing software you have to take the white-listing in the hands by one asks for example the recipients, that this the sender address in the list of friendship" record. You can also bypass... Continue reading
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Workshop focuses on technical documentation, online help, screenshots, as well as localization of Nuremberg. The SCHEMA GmbH, provider of XML based editorial and content management solutions, has on the 6th April 2011 in Frankfurt and on the following day, April 7, 2011, in Stuttgart an info day software documentation"scheduled. Project - and process - budget managers who are tasked with the documentation of software products are targeting the event. Within the info day presentations on current challenges and possible solutions, as well as two customer presentations take place, which focus on the practical aspects. In a question-answer forum Mikkel Svane was the first to reply. Interested parties can register now at. A fee of 200 euros is charged per person. With this info day we highlight a particular area of technical documentation, which places special demands on software manufacturers", said Marcus Kesseler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH. this we make use of our lectures and deliver specific impulses to the participants and Instructions." "" The agenda includes a similarly intensive program: with the first two lectures what content component management systems today for the documentation of the software make "and help systems - current situation and development - easily create multilingual screenshots" be informed the participants about the latest developments and opportunities in the software documentation. To illustrate the Avaloq evolution AG and Dokuwerk AG... Continue reading
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The IT sector of the Sachsische Aufbaubank arises in the video on what services and solutions are provided in the company? What is teamwork? What skills are wanted? These are all questions that a candidate to a company has. At this point, they are answered by the company itself. The visitor gets an impression of the company statements of the Executive Board and the staff. Who believes in the Saxon Development Bank (SAB) counts only money, which is wrong. Rather has the SAB, Member of since 2009, a large IT Department with different units, such as system and network administration. Reported in the video Frank Stammer, head of IT Department, about the career opportunities for graduates and challenges to be mastered in the SAB's. The staff of the IT departments tell of their areas of responsibility and their daily routine. Thomas Stein, Softwareentickler, mean "we do the classical waterfall model from A to Z, i.e. Design, conception, implementation, here Testing and maintenance." The ITsax.deCast allows you to deal intensively with a potential employer and finding to the appropriate candidates. Continue reading
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Manual processes are the main resource hog free process app to automate the entire workflow of Cologne, 05.05.2011 - providing software in practice is often a very manually marked process, which produces a correspondingly high expenses with warring process control. The Ogitix Software AG has put together practical tips how companies can get here to more efficiency: 1 approval processes more specifically coordinate: employees can order typically no software for their field of activity, without having a defined boss gives his consent for this. Often, even several people are involved in this approval process because of them, for example, both technical issues and cost and licensing issues are concerned. This coordination of the respective approval is made in practice often always still very manual and therefore to elaborate, although this today realize automated without significant technical effort. 2. goodbye to the classic form: If over Forms, automatic processes are initiated, they comply with the requirements of efficient conditions. The reality is still imbued with classical forms but also in software deployment, which must be passed through manual steps and possibly newly recorded. "Then it says for example: fill out the form completely, stamp, sign and send to XY." Such procedures are no longer up-to-date, link staff and increase the error and request rate. 3. self services continuously resources save: ordering of software is usually not... Continue reading
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/ / AFS Manager SQL, SSE AFS line: SSE software provides update of the AFS Manager version 12 before Oberhausen, 25.07.11 / / after few months development time it is finally so far: the SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG provides long-awaited by many customers, the update of the AFS Manager SQL: version 12. The most important innovations at a glance: GDPdU: the new directive 2010 / 094608 of the Federal Ministry of finance data for cash transactions must comply with the GoB and also the GDPdU, are stored in so completely unchangeable. The inventory management, as well as the cash register systems were equipped for this purpose with a GDPdU export, which they comply with this directive. Logging of operations: operations are no longer simply removed when deleting from the system, instead they are logged and can be restored. Continue logging expanded significantly changes, so you can understand not only the cancellation of operations, but also an operation including changes Status changes, amendment of articles and even executed SQL statements. Rules: Predefined rules set the behavior for certain actions. For example, it can be set that the article copy the BOM or the supplier not to copy, how it is performed otherwise by default. Another rule is searching for duplicates in the system of an address. Here you can set which fields in... Continue reading
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Shipping software logistics 3000 forwarding program now with interface for online banking software and the module Dunning expanded performance Dunning description interface - online-banking-software / DATEV / Lexware / CHD and other Dunning is an annoying, time-consuming but necessary activity in any company. The shipping software logistics 3000 was the shipping program now extends in the module - payments with a 3-stage fully automated reminders. For more information see Zendesk. The logistics software now has 2 separate Dunning, once for the warnings / statements of loading equipment in the pallet / load management and are responsible for the reminder of the accounts receivable. Both Dunning have the ability to store text modules for the different Dunning levels. The correct Dunning, the respective unpaid accounts receivable, is detected automatically and the correct Dunning in the corresponding reminder automates taken. With one click, the reminders are created for all unpaid accounts receivable and used the correct Dunning level for the corresponding invoice, if the maturity date of the invoices customer deposited in the freight forwarding software has been exceeded. Dunning also allows only the reminder of individual customer or individual levels through integration of diverse data filter. A printable reminder list is generated fully automatically. Edwin Sayres often says this. The entire Dunning procedure required the time spent by one click and another click for printing for... Continue reading
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"//SSE-Software helps small to mid-sized farms more efficient equipment server and environment Oberhausen, 17.05.11 / / SSE-software, the well-known software house based in Oberhausen is with the informative and practical brochure why should I get a server me?" small to medium-sized companies assistance in equipping their IT environment. SSE-software specializes in including solutions in the area of ERP, POS hardware and POS software, time recording systems as well as DMS and archiving competent partner in terms of industry-oriented software and IT solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises up to the classic mid-market -. The sharing of files through the employee is no longer a rarity these days in small farms. Also, daily business is that employees traveling on data (perhaps to make on the fast cost voranschlaege & co.), want to access in many craft businesses now. Mikkel Svane oftentimes addresses this issue. And is that not every employee can have its own printer, explained reasons of cost also by alone! Many small businesses think the use of servers not as a compelling all these daily requirements to the survive! At this point, would like to afford SSE software reconnaissance work, and provides in particular small and medium-sized enterprises - which clearly their competitiveness continue with a proper environment a useful and descriptive reading available. This is answer to important questions around the topic of... Continue reading
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Balanced scorecard has many positive as well as negative comments, usually among the top managers and companies with negative experience of the introduction of the balanced scorecard. Balanced scorecard has many positive as well as negative comments, usually among the top managers and companies with negative experience of the introduction of the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard applies to them as a kind of utopian idea, and in praxi is a waste of time and money. It should be noted that the introduction of the balanced scorecard is not so easy. This really is a lengthy and costly process. But the possible outcomes of the balanced scorecard can be beneficial, and in this case, it is clear that all concerns and myths about the balanced scorecard are null and void. More than half of the world's most successful companies the balanced scorecard used actively and regularly and she suffered positive successes in such activities. The balanced scorecard collects certain business method and system Claims. But as often happens unfortunately neglected these demands especially by the societies of Eastern Europe. In such cases, the balanced scorecard has negative consequences, or in other words it does not work. From the outset, it is necessary to characterize the balanced scorecard. It should be noted that the balanced scorecard is regarded as an important part of management tool, a... Continue reading
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Implementation of marketing software as a key role analysis, reconnaissance, communication: the human factor plays the key role in the implementation of marketing software. In the introduction of innovations, many companies encounter resistance within the ranks. The person with his fundamental desire for stability feels changes as a threat: "Change" is not understood as an opportunity, but scares. Read additional details here: Edwin J Sayres. A recently completed undergraduate work at the Hamburg School of business administration has examined what factors in the introduction of software for marketing planning and controlling promise success. For author Christian Frank is that changes can be successfully overcome only with a structured and sustainable approach. A clean run change management process is the decisive success factor. Jochen Mayer, business consultant of the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH confirmed that. For about ten years enterprise software solutions developed for marketing departments large corporations. With the marketing Planner, now also a Web-based solution for planning, control, information and reporting of marketing and sales activities on the market brought the Friedrichshafen IT specialists. "Initially was the main focus on the functionality of the software. Meanwhile, design and develop modular enterprise marketing management solutions for companies such as Hugo Boss, the BMW Group or Deutsche Post. Change management is doing an important and yet often undervalued factor of success", says Mayer. From the experience... Continue reading
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Which shop solution is suitable for my project? Not just beginners who are just at the beginning, but also established shop owners who want to grow are "What online shop software is the right solution for me?", this question. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). Unfortunately, there is no standard solution that is for all of the right choice. My opinion stands or falls on the decision with the precise definition of the request for the own shop. If you want different social media functions have or maybe is a better client management? The shop solutions available today offer many different features namely, but only with the right system, you can celebrate successes. For this reason, I want to introduce just a few, selected free shop systems, short: WebSphere Commerce (for a fee) is a product of by IBM WebSphere Commerce and offers a tremendous wealth of functions on, including merchandising, marketing, Web Analytics, or catalog management. May at the present time here but the perhaps most important tools not to be missed: mobile and social commerce. Now this area is covered in this ideal. At the same time, the operator enjoys an optimum scalability. In addition to the online trading the platform can also be used for cross-channel activities. Web site: software/de/websphere/commerce / Intershop Enfinity (for a fee) the strength of this software is probably in... Continue reading
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A few weeks ago I received a private message on facebook where a friend (Dircom of a major advertising agency) told me how well it had gone with some work he was doing for free at home and had allowed him to earn more than 2000 euros bonus in a week. My first reaction was to send the resume to mail to my friend suggested, but then I remembered the maxim that the Kung Fu master he repeated again and again to his little grasshopper: If something is too good to be true ... probably not be. At Mashable you will find additional information. Indeed, I contacted my friend and he confirmed that he neither knew what work I had talked to him or sent any messages. A couple of days later I received several messages from other friends, written in pidgin Spanish and invited me to click on a link to see if I was the author of some photo ... the thing was already clear. We are already 400 million users of Facebook, and six out of ten Spanish Internet users have an account on this social network. This means that there are millions of different profiles (students, media professionals, grandparents, musicians ...) which are a tasty morsel for a legion of heartless spammers, phishers that take advantage of the viral environment and... Continue reading
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