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Id rather sign Bedard and Sheets
our 12th best reliever behind the bullpen catcher haha....
Greatttttt.....The Phils get Halladay and we get Ayala....Go Dodgers
Dodgers will still beat the Gnats like weve been doing the past couple years. I guess the SF fans are mad cuz even with our thin rotation and Carroll at second well still beat u 1-0
Lakers are a lot better than the celts this year which Baahston fans will see New Years Eve. I watch every game that I possibly can and I'd like to think that my B-Ball IQ is quite sufficient....thank u very much. You Baahston guys are just pissed that you will get owned by us this year. We will dominate both times we play you and I cannot wait.
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If the Phils get Halladay Im driving up to dodger stadium and kicking McCourts and Collettis asses
Dodgers arent doing s?+t this winter and its really starting to piss me off.If your getting out moved by the brewers and rangers as a big market team u should call it quits as an owner u should sell
Yeah have to agree 661 this offseason is gonna suck unless McCourt sells the team to a real owner(Which is not gonna happen.)
Is this the the big splash Colletti promised????? McCourt needs to sell my beloved team already
Actually it refers to 8 teams R y a n
Wolf was decent and had his moments but McCheap will not spend any of his 163,000 left in the bank to re-sign him
This just in Red Sox are said to be interested in Babe Ruth's
I guess this is the big splash Colletti was referring to.
I dont know about these moves ....unless we improve in at 2b and Sp. The Phillies continue to make moves and are bettering their squad while we look for bargains and hope to compete. If McCheap can field a squad for a Big Market tEAM HE NEEDS TO GO BUY THE fING PIRATES
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Dec 3, 2009