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Matthew Saganski
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Can't wait to read both Boundaries and Beyond Boundaries, Adam. I've heard really good things about these two books. “No” is not an oft-used word in my vocab because of one very simple but very (unnecessarily?) convicting reason: the guilty feelings that follow from not saying “yes.” Thanks again for the great recommendation and another enriching blog post.
Great post, today, Adam. Thank you for bringing a somewhat touchy subject to light. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Not a Fan and, though it convicted me of my fan-ness instead of follower-ness on a few occasions, it also helped me more clearly define what I need to do and where I need to grow in my commitment to Christ. A worthy read to say the least. Thanks again for the blog and keep up the good work. Your fan, His follower, Matthew
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Aug 18, 2011