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"If you don't believe in supporting certain lifestyles or if you will never rent soft-core pornography, why support a company who offers it?" I love the logic here. So by that rationale, since I don't support lifestyles in which people consume milk from cows, I should boycott Starbucks because they offer milk as well as soy for their drinks? The Post Office sends Playboy subscriptions through the mail, should I also never mail anything? The food at the grocery store is made by companies that probably employ homosexuals... Maybe I should give up on eating too.
Edward R Murrow, According to a website of the National Association of Letter Carriers, "Today the USPS is funded entirely by revenues from postage." Another source from the USPS website states that the USPS, "has generated its own revenues from the sales of stamps and related services without taxpayer subsidy for postal operations since 1982." Others have already commented on the bias of the Citigroup analyst(s), so I'll not beat that dead horse. But maybe you should actually read the report itself: "Management was not responsive to the findings and recommendations because, although they indicated agreement with the recommendations, they did not provide actions to address the recommendations nor did management provide action completion dates. Management has no initiatives in progress, completed, or planned to address the issues in this report. " And later on where management's comments are listed, management specifically says that it won't take action to revise the requirements for the mailers because it would affect too great a number of customers. So its all smoke and mirrors from stock market hype-sellers. I've seen variations on the article that state that the USPS is demanding Netflix change the mailers or face the surcharge, but this is just a report from basically a number cruncher who only makes proposals and doesn't actually make the decisions. And yes, Tammy L. Whitcomb is a biased source, one that doesn't take into account the amount of money Netflix claims it saves the USPS, much less how much business the USPS would lose if Netflix were to cease to provide the USPS with its business.
Edward R Murrow, Apparently you haven't been paying attention. The article is a scare tactic from a biased source. The USPS doesn't get funding from the public through tax payers. Netflix is only costing some tax payers money because some tax payers are Netflix customers. The original article upon which all of this is based is by a reporter at a newspaper owned by a would-be competitor of Netflix. Do you think Netflix would allow the design of its envelopes to ruin its highly profitable business model? If they need to, they'll redesign the mailers. They didn't get to where they are by being complete idiots.