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I hope you have a great time in Germany! I live in Germany, and I like the sirens doing the Doppler Effekt.
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Why do I have to think of Doctor Who's Weeping Angels?
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Apr 5, 2010
Thanks for sharing this. It's a wonderful read in the morning.
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Awesome! I was just trying to drink my afternoon coffee, but no way, it was not possible!
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Another rec: My sister always recommends Philip Jose Farmer's "Riverworld" series - I've only read the first book so far - but it's great with many historic figures showing up!
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Doctor Who = <3 Bet fans will send you now tons of Doctor Who books, if anyone could bear giving them away! ;) MicroSerfs was one of the funniest books I've ever read. I even wrote once a linguistic paper inspired by one quote from the book! From other book recs, I'd say Stephen Fry's Making History. It's a clever time-travel-with-huge-consequences story, including killing Hitler.
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Great list! I also love Darren Shan's books. I've read the whole first saga, and every time someone comes to me with OMG HAVE YOU READ THIS XY VAMPIRE NOVEL, I recommend the Darren Shan-saga to them, because they're real vampires. ;) "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" is on my reading list, I have started but never finished it because I had to give it back. Have to get the English edition one day, I really hate German translated books (which is almost unavoidable when you're living in Germany and the local library has only a small amount of English books).
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Merry Christmas to you, Wil! Have a happy 2010!
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I have my copy of "Hyperspace" lying next to me, and I even started to take notes while reading. It's so much more interesting than what I actually do at university (English/American Studies undergrad). It bugged me when I wrote (or thought of) a science-fiction story that uses some more higher advanced stuff than I've learned in high school/saw on television, and I couldn't explain within the story the science,now it's at least a "dumbed down" version ;) But I also like do further reading. (" Elizier Yudkowsky's Quantum Physics sequence" sounds interesting.)
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Dec 1, 2009