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Sa Sakebine
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I know it's so sad that Jane had to take out the comments function on her blog and Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil in a not so distant past had to put up a post asking people to mind their (negative ) comments on his blog. I mean really if you're gonna take out your anger please don't insult and TOTALLY disrespect people; besides these negative things usually come from peoples insecurities (these insecurities being settled into their personalities by our overly critical society) and jealous feelings . I think that we should let people express them selves FREELY and I honestly admire people who NO MATTER WHAT (nasty looks or stupid comments) embrace their dressing as lifestyle and wear things that cross the boundaries of what the everyday outfit is (especially those who live in small towns or cities where being eccentric is looked down upon [once I wore a flower crown Louise Ebel of Pandora style in Sao Paulo my hometown I almost cried because of all the nasty shit I heard If I had dressed like a hooker every one would have commented on how fucking hot I looked}). So I whole heatedly THANK YOU for being who you are NO MATTER WHAT and for doing WHAT YOU LOVE and for NOT BEING ASHAMED TO BUT IT OUT THERE. on matter number 2 (being the fashion blogger: I know it's totally weird how if you're into fashion people totally think that you're a fabulously dressed fashion Wikipedia on five inch heeled legs. Holler I'm human therefore I don't have the encyclopedia Britannica of la mode in my bee hived head baby! ON the BRASIL FACTOR (Brasil with an s not a z but you say with a z sound [trust me I'm a Native of Carmen Miranda Land]): Don't mind if we sound totally "Oh My you don't know what DasLu is???" we just love - no LOVE when people brag about us (oh your sexy ,gorgeous ,caipirinha,fabulous models blah blah blah) we LOVE that stuff. And the Brasilian designer you do know is a total congrats factor because those three are our holy fashion grail. And I like it how honest you are that you didn't do last minute googling that's great then you have no expectations and you just sit back relax and enjoy and create you're own opinions without being influenced by whatever's out there.
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Jan 16, 2011