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We all know what the government is doing to clean his face, but paying individuals to give false testimonials is not going to work. Moubarak's governments tried it before, Assad is trying it right now. It will not convince the international community, simply because the protests against the regime always weight more, especially when they face repression. At this point the government has little window to manipulate the facts, the moment is definitely on the side of the pro-democracy movement. What i found interesting is that M6 is not acting, where is he? what does he think about all these protests? The king needs to go beyond speeches, honestly we don't need speeches that are vague and hard to interpret. The Monarch needs to talk directly and frankly, he needs to let us know what he wants. A conference press could be a starting point and then a national debate. This is how a country must address his future, the era of sacred speeches is over! Brothers and Sisters, you need to be active. We have almost 50% of illiteracy in Morocco, many people live in extreme poverty and don't have a voice. You are fortunate to have the education that allows you to be part of this forum. You are the hope of all Moroccans, you are valuable to all of us. Join the street movement, if you can not, You can contribute in so many ways, get engaged, write comments in the news, write article if you can, join facebook of ( or february20th or others. if you live in Europe or the US, go to rallies against the corruption, and human rights violations in Morocco. If you can not do anything mentioned above, talk to your friends and family, express your thoughts, and educate your relatives and friends. It is just a matter of time and we will get back our country, our constitution, and our dignity.
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The Moroccan authority is changing its attitude towards the protests in Morocco in an attempt to prepare the ground for the new constitution that is largely rejected by the majority. Morocco has a long history in human right violation and repression in all its form, including violation of freedom of press. Rachin Nini, a well respected journalist, director of a local newspaper "Al Masae" was recently Jailed because of his sharp criticism to the government and human right violation, and corruption. Some analysts think that the tipping point that caused the disproportional use of police force in May 22nd was due to the fact that Feb 20th movement tapped into a sensitive issue: the torture of political detainees, and the religious members of Salafists. The torture took place in the secret Zaki prison Located in Tmara, close to Sale. Youtube videos from the Salafists illustrated the various form of torture they were subject. Few years ago, the palace initiated a reconciliation process with human rights victims that suffered under his father reign (Hassan II). During this process, victims were not allowed to name the perpetrators, many of them are still part of the system. This was pretty much "a quick and dirty version" of reconciliation that was necessary to clean the Monarchy's face and prepare M6 for a long term reign. It worked! Today the government and the palace wanted another "quick and dirty revision" of the constitution to stop the unrest that swept Morocco and the Arab nation. This time the Moroccans says "No" to the top-bottom approach, they refused a constitution that is cooked by the palace and insist in putting their sole, and finger prints in the new constitution. The Moroccan authority will likely continue with repression, but it is unlikely that the street will give up, especially that close neighbors have gone through the exact same experience, and now are starting democratic governments.
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May 29, 2011