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I've been noticing for some time now that the results have not been as good as they were and I regularly find myself either trying more and more detailed terms or other search filters to help find what I'm looking for, and often it is not in the first 3-5 results. Right now, my default engine is Bing and I'm finding better results there for some queries but they haven't indexed as much of the web as Google has so Bing's results are good, but still needs more time to develop. Google on the other hand has been getting less and less reliable and I'm finding more and more content scrappers showing up in the top results and from what I can tell I've been noticing the decline in quality ever since the Mayday Update from last year. Since that time the quality of results for longer tail stuff have been a lot more inconsistent and there seems to be a lot more non-relevant data showing up in the longer tail searches. Also, I don't like Google trying to show me results before I even typed in what I want. If I'm looking for a new car, and type in 'new cars' in Google, they end up giving me 'netflix' for the first letter n, 'netflix' again with the second letter added (ne), 'New York Times' when I type in the third letter (new), 'New York Times' when I add the space (new ), and if I add the first letter for the next work I still don't get what I'm looking for 'New Century Bus' for (new c), 'New Carrollton Metro Station' for the next letter (new ca), and it still doesn't get the search right even if I type in the last letter so now I've typed in 'new car' and the results that I'm getting in the instant are for 'New Carrollton' and noting about new cars is coming up. However, if I look at their suggestion list the actual result that I wanted is showing up as #3 on their list, but the problem is that I typed in the exact term I wanted to search for and instead of giving me what I wanted, I'm getting some other search that is not even close to being relevant or of any quality for me. With this in mind, I personally think their instant search is a joke, waist of time, and a big nuisance because I got 7 different search results for what I typed in and not one of them is actually relevant or what I'm looking for. What a big mistake Google made on releasing what I call their 'Crystal Ball' search where they are trying to predict what you want but are not doing a very good job of it.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
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Jan 3, 2011