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Sam Hamm
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Wil, just keep doing your thing, man. Consummate Vs, consummate! You ARE a writer, and though your tales maybe have not translated to über success thus far, just keep on telling them. This poast was marveloussss. I think a big part of being a meaningful artist/writer is to remove ego from the equation. Ego can be measured by what people think of you, but really comes down to how much you value what people think of you. I'm reminded of what Marcellus Wallace said about pride: "That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit." Just do your thing, man. It's good. Make a living and say what you want to say. If your pay is metered by profits gained through careful ass-kissing and service of expectations, then you're making a Faustian bargain that is predominantly independent of artistry. I know you're above that. I never met River, but saw him gig once with Aleka's Attic as an undergrad in Tuscaloosa. There's no point in measuring oneself against someone like that. He filled every room he was in, much more than could be understood absent his presence. Rare rare rare. And after spending years in grad school in Gainesville, his family was always in the periphery of my awareness, but it always came back to River. Too much so to be meaningful about anyone but him, except he was long gone. That said, and this may seem callous, but people like that are such outliers, such total charisma factories, that they don't really count. They are not useful calibrators. The rest of us are better off ignoring them, even if we must talk about them to do so.
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Aug 8, 2011