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Sam Johnsson
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I'm curious as to why you stick the BeeB in the center and put AJA on the left? Given that AJA is more or less BeeB and NBC expats...Also, I know our local papers are fairly not center. Last question: CNN?
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Idle question - when you did the regression coefficient for economy of scale, did you assume a linear decrease? Eyeballing the dots, I'm more inclined to believe a line closer to 1/x than just x.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2012 on What do governments do? at Obsidian Wings
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Bah. Stupid typepad. <q> is perfectly good markup. "the most unbroken...fight (2:40)." Op. Cit.
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Regarding SJ's role in the movie, Gilbert Cruz at the Vulture clocked Natasha as the character with the third most screen time, and the most unbroken dialogue scenes of any of the six: her introductory interrogation scene (3:14); recruiting Banner in the slums (2:49); a face-off on the Helicarrier with Loki (3:30); and a conversation with Hawkeye following their fight (2:40).* So yeah, even more so you've got a case where you really have to wonder what the heck the critics are watching. *(The next sentence is borderline fail, but what can you do?)
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May 17, 2012