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My problem with this tweet was not its subject, but its tone. You didn't simply express an opinion. You didn't simply disagree with those showing support for Chik-fil-a. You sneered at them. Trolling on the internet has very little to do with whether or not you are right. It has to do with whether or not you are picking a fight, particularly with ad hominem attacks. And make no mistake, "Bravo, jerks" is classic, grade-A trolling. I happen to agree with you. I happen to strongly support same-sex marriage. I happen to be extremely disappointed that "Christian" is now equated with "bigot". But, I also happen to believe that you were in the wrong here. You were insulting. You were demonizing. You were dismissive. In short, Mr. Wheaton, you were a dick.
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Aug 5, 2012