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Sammy Samuelson
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When are we going to get how well Synthetic Oils perform and extend drain intervals significantly as well. And then there are By-Pass Filtration Systems that will maintain" Analylically Clean Oil " for many miles or hours with Oil Analysis as a guide,no sweat! Eventually the oil will be replaced and re-refined. One wonders whether the re-refined oil should be used as Transmission Fluid,PowerSteering Fluid and possibility Hydraulic Fluid? Personally,I have been using Synthetic Oils for 32 years,along with By-Pass Filters,and have extended oil drains well beyond 25,000 miles,no problem.Each quart of oil costs the same as a gal. of gas,which do you use more of,and how much cash would be saved? Then maybe a little less dependence on foreign imported oil Oh Yes,by the way the oil from Alaska goes by Pipeline down to Long Beach,Calif.,into tankers and over to Japan and Korea to be shipped back to us in their Im- ported New Vehicles,that which wasn't used for domestic fuel in their countries! We need to "Preserve What Is Left" !!!
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Mar 17, 2011