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SCOTT IS A SAVAGE ANIMAL, A BRUTE, A BULLY with waaay too much$$ to overwhelm dumbies who will vote for anyone . sheesh How can America survive such savage crude bullying with no control over $ or honor or truth. Is the middle class DEAD? Vote ABR=VOTE ANYTHING BUT REPUBLICAN. YOU need to bury these criminals out to Ruin America. DO YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY? VOTE AGAINST SCOTT AND EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN UP FOR GRABS! VOTE ANYTHING ANYTHING ELSE. THEY ARE SCREWING YOU TAXPAYERS AND AMERICA. DO YOU CARE? IF SO VOTE SOMETHING ELSE--ANYTHING ELSE consistently. OR Ladies, be prepared to line up for chastity belts. And the rest of us must plan to evacuate from USA! ASAP READ, INFORM YOUSELVES, AND VOTE SOMEBODY/ANYBODY ELSE or YOU will rue the day.
Hon. Senate President Gaetz: Respectfully, while you are speaking up and speaking out, how about doing that for legislation you swore to constituents that you "strongly support", THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT SCR68?? 88% of constituents are waiting.... ERA does not regulate same-sex, abortion, nor the private business sector. ERA requires no funding!! Could boost OUR GDP as it has in other more-modern nations! ERA makes most sex discrimination a violation of the US Constitution--NOTHING DOES NOW! Benefits males as well as us females, but girls and women take the brunt: stalking, groping, trafficking, rape and murder on college campuses, in the military, in homes and on the street walking to work. Our young millennials live in The Rape Culture like we never experienced! TO FIX THIS, WHY DENY YOUR OPEN SUPPORT FOR SCR 68 RIGHT NOW, while there is still time for an Open Public Hearing in the FL Senate?! Why would both Speaker Weatherford and Sen. President Gaetz EFFECTIVELY DENY THEY SUPPORT THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT since they do "strongly support" Florida's constitutional ERA that says the same thing (but was made moot in Florida 2001 and 2004?) Terribly cruel hypocrisy. Anyone can email Sen Gaetz right now at or call 850 487-5001 to urge the esteemed Senator Gaetz to fix this inhumane crisis.
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Honorable Representative Thurston: We of the 300 000-member Equal Rights Amendment Alliance APPLAUD you and your statesmanly address to all of Florida, above. Your words invoke the democratic (small D) principles that have grown this country. It's time we squelched those who seek to kill democracy with selfish, adolescent power-grabs all for personal gain. It's time to RESCUE FLORIDA and the NATION from values unnatural to the United States of America. Forge ON, Rep. Thurston! (MAYBE someone can locate Representative Eddy Gonzalez in time to schedule a hearing on ERA ratification, HCR 8001, now that his Local & Federal Affairs Committee is over-READY TO VOTE IT OUT ?) Sandy Oestreich
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Mar 5, 2014