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Good grief! I *thought* I was a computing old timer, but compared to the rest of you, ha!, I'm not. See I started using UNIX, actually Tandy Xenix, in 1985 as an end-user doing data entry while in college; I was primarily using a Decision Data 9610 keypunch. The Xenix system had the most rudimentary database for entering a few fields of info; the real processing took place on the IBM System/3 mainframes. It was the company's desire to move completely away from the IBMs, but there was no one there who could accomplish that. In 1987 I taught myself programming and system administration on that Xenix system, and then took on the task of transitioning the company, a furniture store chain, from the IBM System/3s to a multi-user, multi-location *nix system. In the process I got to spend a lot of money, ~$25,000, on equipment--very fun when it's not YOUR money. :) I replaced the Tandy 6000 with a custom built ALR, and installed SCO Xenix on it, along with filePro for database purposes. Added many Wyse 60 and 150 terminals, local and system printers, and modems. I had a dedicated phone line installed at home so that I could access the server 24/7 with my Wyse terminal. As I worked on each segment of the programming, i.e., inventory, accounts payable, etc., we'd run parallel with the mainframes for a month or so to make sure there were no bugs, and then we'd go live. It was very cool. I think it's worth noting that I was the only female I knew, or knew of, in this field at the time. Again, very cool. :)
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May 5, 2010