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Sara Byron
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I just started reading your blog - and it's fun! I have a few comments: Don't be scared! You're going to have an awesome time. My advice: if you use a facecloth, you need to know that they often don't have them in hotels in Ireland and Great Britain. Pack a couple. Also, nothing ruins my vacation more than intestinal distress. Bring di-gel, gaviscon, stuff like that. Great Britain food while traveling is not as healthy as I am used to. I also pack fiber bars. It was hard to keep fiber in my diet over there! Shoes: If the leather doesn't soften, you can try a product called hot glove, bought at sports stores, that s used to soften baseball gloves. You can use it a few times to break in shoes quicker. My Irish dancer daughter uses it on her dance shoes. And also pack your ugliest, most comfortable good old shoes just in case. I like to knit socks while traveling. Small, portable, on wooden DPNs. Sara In IL
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Feb 26, 2011